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Main Quest: Following the Qun
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You'll automatically receive this quest at the end of the quest All That Remains.


To start off the quest, you'll need to travel to your estate in Hightown and read the message from Viscount Dumar. In it, he'll invite you to a private meeting in his office in the Viscount's Keep. When you get there, the viscount will tell you that his son Saemus has left for the qunari compound with the intent of converting to the qun, and he'll ask you to intercede and convince him to come home.

When you travel to the Docks (during the day), you'll get ambushed by a group of thugs and mercenaries. The thug leader will drop a Cowl of the Overseer (if your main character is a mage), a Helm of Enasalin (if your main character is a rogue), or a Stonehammer Helm (if your main character is a warrior).

When you finally reach the qunari compound at the Docks, the Arishok will tell you that Saemus chose the qun of his own volition -- making him viddathari -- but then he'll wonder why the viscount sent you and a letter to request the presence of his son. When you ask for clarification, the Arishok will inform you that Saemus is not currently at the compound, that he received a letter from his father inviting him to meet at the Chantry.

When you arrive at the Chantry (at night), you'll discover Saemus' dead body, and then Mother Petrice will show up. Depending on what you've said to her previously, you might get the option of joining with her against the qunari. If you do, then a group of qunari will storm into the Chantry and attack you, and after defeating them Petrice will set the stage to make it look like they killed Saemus. Otherwise, Petrice will direct her "righteous mob" to attack you, and afterwards a qunari bowman will kill Petrice.

Note: On the podium in the Chantry, you'll find the "lore" codex entry for The History of the Chantry: Chapter 3. You'll need this codex entry for the Chantry Historian achievement.

Regardless of how you complete the quest, you'll receive 3 sovereigns and 1000 xp at its conclusion.






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