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Location: Hightown (Act III)

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When you explore Hightown at night, you'll encounter groups of Bloodragers. If you defeat enough of these groups, then you'll trigger the quest Red Run Streets.

1 - Worthy

2 - Hubert's Fine Goods

Hubert will give you the quest Mine Massacre when you talk to him.

3 - Olaf's Armory

4 - Korval's Blades

Korval will have a Qunari Sword (needed for the quest The Lost Swords) and an Arcane Tome of the Mortal Vessel for sale in his shop.

5 - Robes by Jean Luc

You'll find a Backpack for sale here.

6 - Ser Marlein Selbrech

If you supported First Enchanter Orsino during the confrontation with Knight-Commander Meredith at the start of Act III, then Ser Marlein Selbrech will show up here and give you the quest A Noble Agenda.

7 - Taarbas

Taarbas will give you the quest The Lost Swords.

8 - Hawke Estate

Your estate will function as your base of operations in Act III just like it did in Act II.

9 - Nuncio

Nuncio will give you the quest A Murder of Crows.

10 - Chanter's Board

You won't receive any quests from the chanter's board in Act III.

11 - Delilah Howe

If Nathaniel Howe survived Origins, then you'll meet Deliliah Howe here, and she'll give you the quest Finding Nathaniel.

12 - Fenris's Mansion

This is where Fenris will go when he's not in your party.

13 - Locked Room

You'll only be able to enter this room during the quest No Rest for the Wicked.

14 - Seneschal Bran

Bran is not involved in any quests this act.

15 - Viscount's Suite

You won't be allowed to enter the viscount's suite during this act.

16 - Aveline's Office

This is where Aveline will go when she's not in your party.

17 - Locked Door

You'll only be able to go through this door during the quest Faith.

18 - Sebastian

This is where Sebastian will go when he's not in your party.

19 - Grand Cleric Elthina

Elthina is involved in the quests Justice, Faith, and The Last Straw.

20 - Book

On the crates here you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for The History of the Chantry: Chapter 4. This entry is required for the Chantry Historian achievement.

  1. Entrance to the Blooming Rose.
  2. Entrance to the Viscount's Keep.
  3. Entrance to the Chantry.
  4. World exit.






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