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Side Quest: Finding Nathaniel

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If Nathaniel Howe survived Origins, then in Act III you should meet his sister Delilah Howe in Hightown (during the day). When you talk to her there, she'll give you this quest.


Delilah will tell you that a group of Grey Wardens, including Nathaniel, descended into the Deep Roads to examine the route you took during The Deep Roads Expedition. She won't know what they intended, but she'll insist that they've been gone too long, and that "something terrible has happened." She'll then ask you to go to the Deep Roads and make sure that Nathaniel is all right.

Inside the Deep Roads, you'll come upon Nathaniel almost right away (#3) -- in a battle against a group of darkspawn. After defeating this threat, Nathaniel will ask you to help him rescue the other Grey Wardens in his party, including a dwarf from Vigil's Keep. You'll only get a dialogue option to agree to this plan, and when you select it, you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian and rivalry points with Aveline. Nathaniel will follow along with you to help you out.

Next up you'll meet Temmerin Glavonak (#4). He'll tell you that he's set up barrels of explosives throughout the tunnels, each one connected to a lever. If you want to, you can use these explosives to help you in the upcoming fights against the darkspawn, especially against the ogres, or you can just fight the darkspawn normally. Temmerin won't hang around to see what you decide. Right after finishing the conversation with him, he'll leave for the surface.

Farther into the Deep Roads, you'll find the rest of Nathaniel's party, all dead, and then the darkspawn will ambush you (#5). Conveniently, you'll find barrels of explosives situated in just the right places to take down the enemy ogres, and if you time the explosions just right, then the battle shouldn't be too difficult. Afterwards, Nathaniel will thank you for your help and then he'll leave, but not before rewarding you with The Bringer of Silence and 400 xp. You'll also find some nice items in a pair of nearby chests (#6 and #7).

Note: If Carver or Bethany ended up joining the Grey Wardens during the quest The Deep Roads Expedition, then you'll encounter them here.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Vestments of Sacrifice.

3 - Nathaniel

4 - Temmerin Glavonak

5 - Major Battle

6 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Wardwall and Drakeskin Leg Straps (an armor upgrade for Varric).

7 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Aurvar's Prize.

  1. World exit.






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