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Companion Quest: Birthright

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You'll receive this quest the first time you enter Gamlen's house in Lowtown.


When you talk to your mother Leandra in Gamlen's house, you'll learn that her parents were upset at her when she decided to marry an apostate mage from Ferelden, and apparently removed her from their will. But when you ask Gamlen about the will, he'll get a little bit dodgy and only mention that it's still in the vault of the family estate, which is now owned by slavers.

Next up, you'll need to talk to Bethany or Carver (depending on who's still alive) in Gamlen's house. Your sibling will convince you that you should break into the family estate so you can retrieve the will, and she'll/he'll reveal that Leandra gave him/her the cellar key, which will allow you to enter the estate via the sewers in Darktown (Exit A).

Inside the estate, you'll encounter a variety of slavers, including a master slaver (#3), but you'll find some useful things, including a gift for Bethany/Carver (#1), an armor upgrade for Bethany/Carver (#6), and your grandfather's will (#6). When you take the will to Gamlen's house in Lowtown, you'll learn that your grandfather left everything to Leandra -- not Gamlen -- but that Gamlen managed to lose everything anyway. Leandra will then decide to petition the viscount to have your estate returned to you, and you'll earn 400 xp.

After completing the quest, you'll be able to talk to Bethany/Carver in Gamlen's house. You won't gain any friendship or rivalry with Carver, but if you tell Bethany "This will never be home" then you'll gain some rivalry with her.

1 - Storeroom Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Portrait of Your Mother (if Bethany is with you) or Tobrius's Documents (if Carver is with you). On the wall near the chest you'll find your family crest, which will give you the "lore" codex entry for The Amell Family when you click on it.

2 - Book

On the floor here you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for History of Kirkwall: Chapter 2.

3 - Master Slaver

The master slaver will drop the Vault Key and an Imperial Bloodhelm when he dies.

4 - Locked Chest

Inside this "simple" locked chest, you'll find a Mask of the Imperium.

5 - Vault Door

You'll need the Vault Key (#3) to unlock this door. If you have Bethany with you, then you'll gain +15 friendship with her when you reach the door.

6 - Vault

Inside the vault, you'll find Grandfather Amell's Will and Testament, either Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils (an armor upgrade for Bethany) or Fereldan Girded Plating (an armor upgrade for Carver), and a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for History of the Circle.

  1. Cellar entrance.
  2. Cellar exit. This exit will only appear once you've looted the vault (#6).






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