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Side Quest: Elves at Large

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You'll receive this quest from the Chanter's Board in Hightown in Act II, but only if you sent Feynriel to the Circle in the quest Wayward Son.


For this quest you'll need to track down a group of elven blood mages. You'll find them on the northern side of the Wounded Coast, in a confrontation with some mercenaries (#1). When you talk to the mercenary captain, you'll get two options:
  • If you say "Mages need training" or "We share the bounty," then you'll ally yourself with the mercenaries against the mages.

  • If you say "Let the elves go," then you'll ally yourself with the mages against the mercenaries.
Either way, you'll have to fight a battle, but afterwards you'll earn 750 xp plus a monetary reward: either 1 sovereign from the mages or 2 sovereigns from the mercenaries. If you side with the elves, then you'll also find the unique dagger Shine on the corpse of the mercenary captain.

1 - Elven Mages






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