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Secondary Quest: Gamlen's Greatest Treasure

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You'll receive this quest when you examine the crumpled note in Gamlen's house in Lowtown during Act III.


The note will instruct Gamlen to enter Darktown alone if he wants to acquire the Gem of Keroshek. When you ask Gamlen about this message, he'll admit that he spent most of your family fortune searching for the gem, but then he'll clam up and invite you to mind your own business. To learn more, you'll need to visit Darktown in Gamlen's place.

In Darktown, you'll run into a shady fellow named Mekel. He'll tell you that he was supposed to deliver a note to Gamlen, but that he saw a reference to a gem on it, and so now he's decided that he wants the gem for himself. No matter how you respond, Mekel and the mercenaries with him will attack you. After the battle, you'll find Gamlen's note on Mekel's corpse. The note will mention something called a "Wallop Mallet."

When you return to Gamlen and ask him about the mallet, he'll tell you that he used to play wallop as a child, and that he still has his mallet hanging on the wall. When you examine the mallet, you'll learn that it was made from the wood of the vhenadahl tree located in the elven alienage in Lowtown. When you examine the tree in the alienage (during the day), an elf will come up to you and give you a note, which will ask you to open crate 1023 in Smetty's Fish Guttery at the Docks (at night). Finally, when you look in the crate (#2), you'll trigger a trap and get ambushed by some mercenaries, but the mercenary commander will drop another note, and this one will direct you to a cavern called the Sink, located just outside Kirkwall.

Inside the Sink, you'll meet your cousin Charade (#3), but before she can say much, Mekel's brother Veld will show up, and he and his men will attack you. After the battle, you'll find the longsword The Wailer on Veld's corpse, and Charade will tell you her family history -- that she's Gamlen's estranged daughter, and that she sent out the notes as a way of meeting him. You'll get three ways to respond:
  • If you say "You should meet your father," then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian.

  • If you say "Give me the gem," then you'll gain rivalry points with Fenris and Sebastian.

  • If you say "I don't care," then you'll gain rivalry points with Fenris.
For the latter two options, Charade will give you the Gem of Keroshek before departing.

When you return to Gamlen, one of two things will happen. If you encouraged Charade to meet her father, then you'll witness the touching family reunion. Otherwise, Gamlen will ask you about the gem, and you'll then be able to tell him about Charade or not. Regardless, you won't receive any xp for completing the quest.

1 - Debris

When you examine the debris here, you'll gain or update the "lore" codex entry for The Enigma of Kirkwall. You'll need several of these codex entries for the Archaeologist achievement.

2 - Crate 1023

3 - Charade

  1. Exit to the Docks.
  2. World exit.






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