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Secondary Quest: A Murder of Crows

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You'll receive this quest from Nuncio in Hightown in Act III, provided that Zevran survived in Origins.


Nuncio will tell you that he's hunting an elven assassin, but that the assassin is hiding amongst the Dalish elves, where he can't get to him. Since you've had dealings with the Dalish, Nuncio will ask you to investigate, and he'll recommend that you question an elf named Variel. If you refuse this task, then Nuncio will disappear and you won't actually receive the quest.

You'll find Variel in the Dalish camp on Sundermount. When you talk to her there, she'll readily give up the location of the assassin's hideout. In fact, she'll inform you that the assassin directed the elves to tell anyone who asked exactly where to find him. "He didn't want to endanger our people by asking us to lie for him."

You'll find the assassin's hideout, a Mountain Cave, located north of the Dalish camp. Inside, you'll get attacked by the same varterral (#2) that attacked you during the quest Mirror Image in Act II. You should find it much easier to defeat this time. Just remember to avoid its spit and to watch out for falling rocks.

After the battle you'll meet the assassin, Zevran. He'll tell you that he left the Antivan Crows -- something that the Crows didn't appreciate -- and that that's the reason why Nuncio is hunting him. You'll then have to decide what to do with Zevran. You'll have two choices:
  • If you let Zevran go, then he'll show up when you confront Nuncio at his Antivan Camp, and he'll help you out in the battle. Afterwards, he'll give you the dagger Finesse, and you'll receive 1 sovereign and 1200 xp for completing the quest.

  • If you take Zevran to Nuncio, then Nuncio will attack you anyway, but Zevran will still help you in the battle. However, afterwards he won't give you anything, and you'll only receive 10 silvers and 1200 xp for completing the quest.
Note: If you flirt with Zevran when you first meet him, then you'll get a chance to sleep with him at the end of the quest. This course of action will gain you rivalry points with Sebastian, but Isabela might offer to join in.

1 - Pile of Bones

Inside this pile of bones you'll find Boiled Leather Plates (an armor upgrade for Isabela).

2 - Varterral / Zevran

3 - Piles of Treasure

Inside these piles you'll find a Ring of the Shadow Hunter, Righteous Rain, and more.

4 - Nuncio

5 - Locked Chest

Inside this "standard" locked chest you'll find a Proving Battle Tunic.

T - Trap

$ - Locked Container

  1. Exit to Sundermount.
  2. World exit.






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