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Location: Darktown / Gallows Courtyard (Act II)

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1 - Debris

When you examine the debris here, you'll gain or update your "lore" codex entry for The Enigma of Kirkwall. You'll need to find several of these codex entries for the Archaeologist achievement.

2 - Evelina

Evelina will beg you for coins. If you give her some (1 silver at a time) then she'll just ask you for more. If you tell her to get lost, then she'll disappear. In Act III you'll see Evelina again (in the quest On the Loose), but your actions here won't have any effect there.

3 - Tomwise

Tomwise will allow you to craft poisons and bombs at his shop.

4 - Jake the Black

Jake is involved in the quest Bounty Hunter.

5 - Deathroot

6 - Anders' Clinic

This is where Anders will go when he's not in your party.

7 - Armor Shop / Weapon Shop

From the armor shop you'll be able to buy Enhanced Articulation (an armor upgrade for Sebastian).

8 - Templar Recruit Margitte

If your actions in the Act I quest Enemies Among Us caused Keran to get kicked out of the Templar Order, then you'll find Margitte standing here, and she'll give you the quest A Debt in the Family.

9 - Emeric

Emeric is involved in the quest Prime Suspect.

10 - Solivitus

Solivitus will give you the quest Herbalist's Tasks. From his shop you'll be able to purchase the recipe for Life Ward Potions.

11 - Mage Goods

From this shop you'll be able to buy the recipe for Runes of Spirit Warding, a Backpack, and a Lyrium Weave (an armor upgrade for Anders).

  1. World exit.






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