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Side Quest: Sketchy on the Details
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You'll receive this quest from the Chanter's Board in Hightown in Act II.


The message on the quest board will inform you that groups of assassins are in the city hunting for "some fool mage," but that because they don't have an actual contract for the job, there's a chance that their actions will draw too much attention from the city guard, and so you'll be tasked with eliminating them before they can cause any problems.

You'll find five groups of assassins in Kirkwall:
  • Antivan Assassins, found in Lowtown (during the day) near the Elven Alienage
  • Carta Loyalists, found in Darktown near the western entrance
  • Denerim Avengers, found in Hightown (at night) on the steps leading to the Viscount's Way
  • Qunari Death Squad, found in the Gallows Courtyard on the southern side
  • Rivaini Legendary Beard, found in the Hanged Man tavern (at night) in the back hallway
Each time you approach one of these groups, the assassins will attack you (in a fairly easy battle), and Sketch, the mage being hunted, will flee away. Then after defeating all five groups, you'll discover that Sketch is hiding on the western side of the Docks (at night). When you talk to him there, you'll learn that he's the one who sponsored the quest (to get the assassins off his back), and he'll reward you with Sketch's Resplit-Shaft and 750 xp.

Note: As of version 1.02, the quest will stay active in your journal even after you've completed it. The only way to remove the quest is to advance to Act III.






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