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Side Quest: Who Needs Rescuing?

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You'll automatically receive this quest at the start of Act III, provided you didn't make Feynriel tranquil during the Act II quest Night Terrors.


When you visit your estate in Hightown, you'll receive a letter from Reginald Thaddeus Spincter. In it, Reginald will inform you that his daughter Orlanna was abducted by "foul bandits," who took her to the Wounded Coast. Reginald will then implore you to rescue his daughter for him. Accepting this letter will also accept the quest.

You'll find Orlanna and the corpses of several bandits on the northern side of the Wounded Coast, near the entrance (#1). When you talk to Orlanna there, she'll tell you that her "love," Feynriel, spoke to her in a dream, and that when she woke up, the men around her were dead.

At the end of this conversation, some bandits will show up and attack you. Defeating these bandits will complete the quest and cause Orlanna to leave for Kirkwall. You won't receive a reward for completing the quest, but you will find the axe Hack on the bandit leader's corpse.

Note: This quest was broken prior to version 1.03 of the game.

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