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Side Quest: Last of His Line

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If you helped Bhelen Aeducan gain the dwarven throne in Dragon Age: Origins, then you'll encounter Lord Renvil Harrowmont in the Docks district during the day (#1). When you approach him, he and his bodyguards will come under attack by Carta thugs, and after fending them off (with or without your help), he'll ask you for your assistance. If you agree to help, then you'll receive this quest.


Harrowmont will tell you that he's at the Docks because he's trying to catch a ship to Rivain, and he'll ask you to deal with any other groups of Carta thugs in the district. You'll find three more such groups, but when you reach the first one (#2), the thug lieutenant will try to convince you to kill Harrowmont instead. This will give you two ways to proceed:
  • If you agree to the lieutenant's offer, then you'll need to kill Harrowmont and his men (#1). No extra waves of bodyguards will appear during the fight, so you should have a relatively easy time. Afterwards, when you return to the lieutenant, you'll receive 3 sovereigns and 400 xp.

  • If you refuse the lieutenant's offer, then you'll need to kill his group of thugs (#2) plus two other groups of thugs (#3), and then return to Harrowmont (#1). When you do, you'll receive 1 sovereign and 400 xp, and Harrowmont will promise you a greater reward in the future. You'll receive this reward -- 5 sovereigns and Handcrafted Dwarven Cuffs -- via a message at the start of Act II.

1 - Lord Renvil Harrowmont

2 - Carta Thug Lieutenant

3 - Carta Thugs






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