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Side Quest: The Conspirators
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If you saved Vigil's Keep rather than Amaranthine in Awakening, or if you chose the "no compromises" history when creating your character, then you'll meet Sergeant Joanna in Lowtown near the Hanged Man tavern, and she'll give you this quest.


Joanna will tell you that some "hare-brained" nobles attempted to depose the Warden-Commander in Amaranthine, but failed and then fled to Kirkwall. She'll offer you a bounty on any that you find and kill. There are four nobles:
The nobles (labeled "Amaranthine conspirators") will have some bodyguards with them, and you'll need to kill them all in battle. Each time you defeat one of the nobles, you'll earn 400 xp and 50 silvers when you return to Joanna, for a grand total of 1600 xp and 2 sovereigns. You won't earn any sort of extra reward for completing the quest.






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