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Secondary Quest: Inside Job

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After completing the quest Prime Suspect, you'll receive a message from Hubert (who you might remember as your business partner from The Bone Pit) in your Hightown estate. Reading the message will trigger this quest.


The message will invite you to talk to Hubert in Hightown (during the day). When you do, Hubert will inform you that he's found the leak who has been giving out information about your mine caravans. You'll then move to your estate so you can interrogate the leak, a man named Sabin. No matter what you say to him (or do to him), he'll reveal that an ambush is planned tonight at Dietrich Crossing, but if you select the special aggressive or good dialogue option (which will only show up if you've been aggressive or good for most of the game), then he'll also reveal that he hid a stash of goods at the Bone Pit. Inside the stash you'll only find about 40 silvers, so don't worry if you don't learn about it.

After interrogating Sabin, you'll have to decide what to do with him -- either kill him, imprison him, or free him -- but it won't make any difference which option you choose (regardless, you'll never see him again). Then Hubert will introduce you to Lilley of the Coterie, a "consultant" for the operation. She'll travel with you to the ambush site, and you'll receive 1000 xp when you arrive.

At the ambush site, you'll encounter the ambushers plus the remains of one of your caravans. The ambushers will automatically attack you when you get close enough. After the battle, Lilley will recognize one of the ambushers as belonging to a Coterie member named Brekker. She'll then leave for Darktown to check on a few things, and she'll invite you to meet her there later.

Note: You'll find the maul Persuasion inside a chest at the ambush site.

When you arrive in Darktown, you'll stumble over Lilley's corpse -- and then some Coterie thugs will wander in while you're standing over it. If you reason with the thugs, then they'll leave peaceably. Otherwise, you'll have to attack them.

Note: If you tell the thugs "Everyone calm down," then you'll gain friendship points with Varric. If you tell the thugs "She deserved to die," then you'll gain rivalry points with Aveline and Varric.

After the encounter, you'll be tasked with searching through Brekker's (aka Arlan's) Hideaway, which you'll find nearby in Darktown. Inside, you'll have to deal with some thugs and traps (T), but at the end you'll run into Brekker himself. No matter what you say to him, he and his remaining men will attack you and probably die pretty quickly. You'll find Avvarian War Boots on Brekker's corpse.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Hubert in Hightown. He'll reward you with 5 sovereigns and 1000 xp.

Note: Completing this quest will make the quest Cave Crawling available at the Bone Pit.

1 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find the recipe for Runes of Spirit.

2 - Brekker

T - Trap

$ - Locked Chest

  1. Exit to Darktown.
  2. World exit.






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