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Side Quest: The Lost Swords
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You'll receive this quest from Taarbas in Hightown during Act III.


Taarbas will tell you that several Qunari Swords were lost when the qunari departed from Kirkwall, and he'll ask you to keep an eye out for them. There are 10 swords that you can find:
  • One for sale at Korval's Blades in Hightown (during the day).
  • One for sale at the weaponsmithy in Lowtown (during the day).
  • One found in a pile of rubble in Lowtown (at night).
  • One found in a crate in Anders' clinic in Darktown.
  • One found in a "master" locked chest at the Docks (at night).
  • One found in a pile of bones at the Docks (at night).
  • One for sale at the Weapon Shop in the Gallows Courtyard.
  • Two found in piles of bones on the Wounded Coast.
  • One found in a chest in the De Launcet Mansion during the quest On the Loose.
The first time you turn in a sword, Taarbas will ask you if you require gold for it. If you say yes, then you'll receive 30 silvers and 100 xp per sword, for 3 sovereigns and 1000 xp total. If you say no, then you'll receive 1200 xp per sword, for 12,000 xp total, and Tarbas will also give you a Bassrath-Kata once you've located all of the swords. Regardless, you'll also receive 1500 xp at the end of the quest.

Note: If you return to Taarbas with all 10 swords, then you won't get to make a choice. You'll automatically receive the "no gold" reward.






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