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Side Quest: The Last Holdouts

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If you sided with Knight-Commander Meredith during her confrontation with First Enchanter Orsino at the start of Act III, then when you enter the Hanged Man tavern (at night), you'll meet a barmaid there, and she'll inform you that there are some people waiting for you in one of the back rooms. When you go there to investigate, you'll meet Ser Mettin and another templar, and they'll give you this quest.


Ser Mettin will tell you that there is a "hive" of blood mages living in Kirkwall, and that they need to be exterminated. To achieve this, you'll first need to search the home of the blood mage leader, which you'll find in the Hidden Sewer, located roughly in the center of Darktown. Inside the home, you'll have to battle mercenaries and blood mages, including the blood mage leader. Defeating these enemies will complete the first objective of the quest.

Afterwards, when you visit your estate in hightown, you'll find a message from Ser Mettin at your writing desk. Mettin will thank you for your help, and he'll inform you that he's discovered the location of the Blood Mage Refuge -- a cave in Sundermount (just past the Sundermount Caverns). He'll then ask you to help him assault it.

Inside the refuge, you'll meet up with Ser Mettin and Ser Agatha, and together you'll have to defeat a handful of blood mages, including one named Bancroft (#3). After the battle, Mettin will decide that everybody who helped the blood mages should die, while Agatha will argue that the "mage sympathizers" should be spared. You'll then have to side with one of the two templars (if you try to stay neutral, then you'll end up siding with Agatha) and fight the other. After this second fight, the quest will come to an end. You won't receive a reward, but you'll find some useful loot in the quest areas (at #2 and #4).

Note: Your companions won't react to the choice at the end.

1 - Blood Mage Dispatches

Each of these dispatches will give you or update the "letters and notes" codex entry for Blood Mage Dispatches.

2 - Crates

Inside these two crates you'll find a Tenebral Cowl.

3 - Bancroft

4 - Locked Chest

Inside this "complex" locked chest, you'll find The Vague Blade.

  1. Exit to Darktown.
  2. Exit to Sundermount.






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