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Achievement: Archaeologist
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For this achievement, you'll need to find codex entries for The Enigma of Kirkwall. There are 12 of these entries total, but you'll only need to find nine of them -- three during each of the game's three acts. The locations of the codex entries are shown below.

Act I
  • Found on the eastern side of Lowtown in the elven alienage (at night).
  • Found on the northern side of the Gallows Courtyard.
  • Found in Senechal Bran's office in the Viscount's Keep. As of version 1.02, this codex entry is broken, and you might not be able to trigger it.
  • Found in the southeastern part of the Bone Pit.
Act II
  • Found on the northern side of the Chantry.
  • Found in the qunari compound at the Docks (during the day).
  • Found near the western entrance to Darktown.
  • Found in the Gallows Dungeon during the quest Dissent.






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