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Secondary Quest: The First Sacrifice

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After completing the quest Tranquility, a "help wanted" poster will show up in the Hightown market. Reading the poster will trigger this quest.


The poster will inform you that Ghyslain de Carrac's wife Ninette has gone missing, and that Ghyslain is offering a reward for her return. You'll find Ghyslain just to the south of the Hightown market (during the day). When you talk to him there, you'll learn that Ninette has been gone for about a month, but that because she spent so much time "gallivanting about with men half her age," Ghyslain is only worried that people might think he had something to do with her disappearance. Thus, just to clear his own name, Ghyslain will ask you to look into the matter, and he'll recommend that you talk to Jethann at the Blooming Rose to learn more. No matter what you say, you'll accept this task.

Note: If you refuse to help Ghyslain, then you'll gain friendship points with Isabela. If you agree to help, then you'll gain rivalry points with Isabela. If you ask Ghyslain if he wants his wife back, and respond with "And you wonder why she's gone," then you'll gain friendship points with Varric.

When you talk to Jethann in the Blooming Rose (upstairs in his bedroom), he'll tell you that he hasn't seen Ninette in a while, but that somebody else recently came by looking for her -- a templar named Emeric. You'll find Emeric in the Meeting Place (aka Emeric's Investigation) in the southeastern corner of Darktown (during the day or night). When you come up to him, you'll get attacked by street thugs, and you'll have to defeat them before you can talk to Emeric.

Note: After completing your conversation with Jethann, you'll get the option of sleeping with him. If you do so, then you'll gain rivalry points with Aveline, Bethany, and Carver.

When you talk to Emeric, you'll learn that there have been a string of disappearances recently, including a Circle mage named Mharen (which is how Emeric became involved), and that he believes they're linked. Emeric will then inform you that he followed Mharen's phylactery to a Dark Foundry but didn't find anything, and that when he started questioning the locals, he got the reception you just witnessed. Emeric will then announce that he's too old for this sort of thing, and he'll give you his research notes before heading back to the Gallows Courtyard.

Note: When talking to Emeric, if you ask him if you can help at all, then you'll gain rivalry points with Isabela.

Next up, you'll decide to take your own look at the Dark Foundry, which is located in Lowtown (at night). Inside, you'll spot a mage briefly, but then you'll get attacked by shades and abominations -- and even a desire demon (#1) -- and the mage will get away. After the battles, when you explore the foundry, you'll discover a sack of bones on the upper walkway (#2), inside of which you'll find the recipe for Runes of Fire and also Ninette's Ring.

When you report in to Emeric in the Gallows Courtyard, he'll identify the bones from the sack as being human, and he'll finally decide to share his findings with the city guard. This will net you 3 sovereigns and 250 xp. Then when you return to Ghyslain in Hightown, no matter what you say to him, he'll add 1 sovereign to your reward.

Note: You'll continue your investigation into the disappearances of the women during the Act II quest Prime Suspect.

1 - Desire Demon

2 - Sack of Bones

$ - Locked Treasure Chest

T - Trap

  1. Exit to Lowtown.






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