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Location: Darktown (Act I)

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Unlike the other districts in Kirkwall, Darktown is exactly the same during the day and night. You also won't encounter any organized groups of thugs that you can exterminate, but you will have to battle small groups of random mercenaries and Coterie skirmishers.

1 - Tomwise

You'll be able to purchase poisons and bombs from Tomwise, once you've found the necessary resources (such as the deathroot at #2). The first time you talk to Tomwise, he'll give you the recipe for Debilitating Poison.

2 - Deathroot

Deathroot is a resource used in poisons and bombs. You'll receive 200 xp for picking it.

3 - Danzig

Danzig is involved in the quest Wayward Son.

4 - Sister Plinth's Remains

When you pick up the remains, you'll trigger the quest "The Remains of Sister Plinth." To complete the quest, you'll just need to deliver the remains to Brother Plinth the Archivist in the Chantry. When you do, you'll receive 50 silvers and 250 xp.

5 - Book

The book on the barrel here will give you the "places" codex entry for The Tevinter Imperium.

6 - Pedestal

The pedestal will give you the "places" codex entry for Kirkwall - Darktown.

7 - Anders' Clinic

Once you've recruited Anders (via the quest Tranquility), this is where he'll go when he's not in your party. You won't be able to enter the clinic until that time. Inside the clinic, you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4.

  1. World exit.






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