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Side Quest: A Noble Agenda
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If you sided with First Enchanter Orsino during his confrontation with Knight-Commander Meredith at the start of Act III, then Ser Marlein Selbrech will show up in Hightown (during the day), and she'll give you this quest.


Ser Selbrech will tell you that several nobles are unhappy with Meredith's overzealous behavior, and she'll ask you to make "common cause" with them. If you agree, then she'll give you give you a scroll with instructions on it. The scroll will ask you to do two things:
  • Kill Ser Mettin and his "death squad" in Lowtown (during the day).

  • Clear out one of Meredith's hidden supply depots in Darktown. This will involve two fights -- one against mercenaries and another against templars -- but inside the depot you'll find the longbow Cynoeswr Sain (in a "complex" locked chest) and Garahel's Helm (in a "standard" locked chest).
After completing these two tasks, when you next visit your estate in Hightown, you'll find a message from Ser Selbrech there. Selbrech will pay you 3 sovereigns and 1200 xp for your work thus far, and she'll inform you that she has a meeting tonight in Lowtown, and that she'd appreciate your "support and protection" there.

In Lowtown (at night), you'll have to defend Ser Selbrech against Ser Edgert the Hound and several templars, including pairs of templar hunters and templar lieutenants (and possibly some Followers of She, if you're unlucky and haven't yet completed the quest Kind of Want). Afterwards, Selbrech will promise the support of the nobles in the future, but nothing will come of it. However, you will receive 1200 xp for completing the quest.






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