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Companion Quest: Favor and Fault
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After completing the quest On the Loose in Act III, a message entitled "Favor and Fault" will appear at your Hightown estate. The message will be from Knight-Captain Cullen, and it will accuse Aveline of coddling her men. Accepting this message will trigger the quest.


When you talk to Aveline in her office in the Viscount's Keep, she'll be outraged to hear about the message. If you describe the contents as "anonymous lies" or "unfounded accusations," then you'll gain friendship points with Aveline. Otherwise, you'll gain rivalry points. Regardless, Aveline will demand that you go with her to the Docks to spy on her husband Donnic's patrol.

At the Docks (at night), you'll find Donnic being attacked by a group of Coterie thugs. After the battle, Donnic will describe Aveline's leadership skills as "remarkable," and you'll decide that that's enough evidence to debunk Cullen's claims. However, when you meet with Cullen in the Gallows Courtyard, he'll tell you that he didn't really believe the accusations anyway, but that as long as they keep coming out of Lowtown, they'll continue to undermine Aveline's position. Aveline will then decide that you should talk to Guardsman Brennan, since she patrols Lowtown.

In Lowtown (at night), you'll find Guardsman Brennan on the eastern side of the district. She'll inform you that the accusations are coming from Jeven (the former guard captain, who you might remember from the Act I quest The Way It Should Be), and that he's currently holding a rally on "the tyranny of the guard" in Darktown.

In Darktown, you'll get attacked by groups of street thugs and mercenaries, but eventually you'll come to Jeven's rally in the southern part of the district. When you reach Jeven, you'll get a chance to talk to him. If you allow Aveline to speak, then you'll gain friendship points with her. Otherwise, if you do all the talking, then you'll gain rivalry points. Regardless, Jeven and his cohorts will attack you, and afterwards you'll find Cornerstone and Deflecting Joints - Guardsman Pattern (an armor upgrade for Aveline) on Jeven's corpse, and Hands of Glory in a nearby chest.

When you return to Aveline's office in the Viscount's Keep, she'll either thank you or scold you, depending on what happened with Jeven. You'll then earn 1200 xp for completing the quest.






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