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Secondary Quest: Herbalist's Tasks (Act I)
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You'll receive this quest from Solivitus in the Gallows Courtyard at some point during Act I (possibly after completing the quest Long Way Home).


Solivitus will tell you that he's been cooped up in the city lately, and he'll ask you to find a few rare ingredients for him:
  • Dragon's Fang. You'll find this ingredient on the Mature Dragon that you'll have to kill during the quest The Bone Pit.

  • Pure Ironbark. For this ingredient you'll need to travel to the Dalish camp on Sundermount. When you talk to Master Ilen there, he'll warn you that ironbark is "impossible to retrieve," but he'll still mark the Ironwood Clearing on your world map, and he'll tell you that you can find some there. At the Ironwood Clearing, you'll get attacked by groups of hurlocks, culminating with an attack by an ogre. After defeating these enemies, you'll find some Pure Ironbark on the ground.

  • Spider's Silk Gland. You'll find this ingredient on a Venomous Spider during the quest Magistrate's Orders.
When you deliver the ingredients to Solivitus, he'll reward you with 3 sovereigns and 400 xp.






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