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Premium Content Quest: Duty
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You'll receive this quest when you complete the quest The Exiled Prince.


When you accept the quest, you'll learn that the Flint mercenary company killed Sebastian Vael's family, and that Sebastian is now offering a reward for their extermination. If you visit Gamlen's house in Lowtown, then you'll receive a message detailing where you can find the mercenaries, and if you visit Grand Cleric Elthina in the Chantry, then you'll learn some background information about Sebastian.

Here's where you can find the Flint mercenaries:
At each location, you'll have to defeat a handful of mercenaries, but no new mercenaries will appear during the battles, making them fairly easy to complete. After defeating all of the mercenaries, when you report in to Sebastian in the Chantry, he'll reward you with 4 sovereigns and 400 xp. You won't be able to recruit Sebastian as a companion until Act II.






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