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Side Quest: Bounty Hunter
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You'll receive this quest from the Chanter's Board in Hightown during Act II, but only if you supported the templars over the mages in the quest Act of Mercy.


For this quest you'll need to track down and kill three apostate mages:
  • Heborah de Soliere (aka Deborah Keins). You'll find him in the middle of the Wounded Coast.

  • Jake the Black. You'll find him at the southern end of Darktown.

  • Innley of Starkhaven. You'll find him at the top of Sundermount.
In each case, the apostate mage will attack you when you initiate a conversation, and then you'll have to defeat the mage plus an assortment of abominations, shades, and demons. Most of these enemies will (at best) drop some random loot or money, but Innley of Starkhaven will drop the unique longsword One-Cut when he dies. After defeating the last mage, you'll receive 1000 xp.






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