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Location: The Wounded Coast (Act II)

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1 - Embrium (x2)

2 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find the recipe for Mythal's Favor.

3 - Elfroot

4 - Lieutenant Harley

Lieutenant Harley will give you the quest Raiders on the Cliffs, which will involve you defeating the bandits to the south.

5 - Pile of Bones

Inside this pile you'll find the recipe for Runes of Defense.

6 - Magus Tavarin Hall

This character will sell you some mage gear, including the staff Cold-Blooded and Enchanter's Spatterdashes.

7 - Harlot's Blush Flower

You'll need this flower for the quest Herbalist's Tasks.

8 - Raw Lyrium

9 - Dragon Battle

10 - Evil Tome

This tome is involved in the quest Forbidden Knowledge.

11 - Piles of Treasure

You'll find some random (mostly junk) items in these piles.

$ - Locked Chest

  1. Entrance to the Dank Cave.
  2. World exit.






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