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Companion Quest: The Way It Should Be

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The first time you talk to Aveline in Act I, she'll mention that she has a job for you. When you ask her about it, you'll receive this quest.


Aveline will tell you that she's heard rumors of possible caravan attacks, and that the bandits planning them are reportedly hiding out near Sundermount. You'll find the bandits at the Sundermount Ambush Site (#1, #3). The battles against them should not be too difficult.

Note: You won't be able to return to the Sundermount Ambush Site after leaving it, so be sure to loot the elfroot (#2) first.

After clearing out the bandits, when you report in to Captain Jeven in the Viscount's Keep, he won't be happy at all with your actions, and he'll accuse Aveline of being a "show-off." When you then check the nearby duty roster, a guardswoman named Brennan will come up to you and thank you for defeating the bandits -- because if you hadn't, then she probably would have been killed by them, and the bandits would have gotten the satchel she was carrying, which, coincidentally, was heavier than normal.

You and Aveline will then put two and two together and figure out that Jeven must have set up Brennan, and you'll decide to check up on the guard Donnic, who was assigned the satchel after Brennan. You'll find Donnic in Lowtown at night, and -- wouldn't you know it? -- he'll be surrounded by Coterie thugs, who will turn around and attack you when you approach. After the battle, you'll find The Bann's Backhouse Door on the corpse of the Coterie leader.

Note: After rescuing Donnic, when deciding what to do next, if you take the wry stance, then you'll gain friendship with Varric. If you take the aggressive stance, then you'll gain rivalry with Varric.

When you return to the barracks in the Viscount's Keep, Jeven will get arrested, Seneschal Bran will name Aveline the new captain of the guard, and you'll earn 400 xp. You'll also get a chance to talk to Aveline, and depending on what you say to her at the end, you'll earn friendship or rivalry points with her.

1 - Bandits

2 - Elfroot

3 - Main Bandit Camp

T - Traps

  1. World exit.






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