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Location: Gallows Courtyard (Act I)

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1 - Shops

At this spot you'll find an armor shop and a weapons shop. Behind the shops on a crate, you'll discover a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for Death of a Templar.

2 - Debris

When you click on the debris here, you'll receive or update the "lore" codex entry for The Enigma of Kirkwall. If you find enough of these entries, then you'll gain the Archaeologist achievement.

3 - Document

On the ground here you'll find a piece of paper that will give you the "lore" codex entry for The Seekers of Truth.

4 - Thrask

Thrask is involved in the quests Wayward Son, An Errant Letter, and Act of Mercy.

5 - Templar Recruits

The recruits are involved in the quest Enemies Among Us.

6 - Mage Goods

From this shop, you'll be able to purchase mage gear, plus the recipe for Runes of Lightning Warding.

7 - Sol's Shop

At some point in Act I (possibly after completing the quest Long Way Home), a merchant named Solivitus will set up shop here. He'll sell you a variety of goods, including the recipe for Restoration Potions, and he'll also give you the quest Herbalist's Tasks.

  1. World exit.






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