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Companion Quest: The Long Road

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You'll automatically trigger this quest when you return to the Arishok (at the Docks) at the end of the quest Blackpowder Courtesy.


When you talk to Aveline in her office in the Viscount's Keep, she'll ask you to deliver a package to Donnic, the guardsman you rescued during the Act I quest The Way It Should Be. If you refuse (now or later), then the quest will come to an immediate end, and you won't receive a reward. Otherwise, Aveline will hand you the package.

When you deliver the package to Donnic in the barracks of the keep, he'll be confused, and you won't be able to enlighten him. Then when you return to Aveline, she'll explain the gift to you -- and demonstrate that she needs a lot of help in the art of wooing. However, Aveline will remain undaunted, and she'll come up with a new plan. This time she'll ask you to post the duty roster in the foyer of the barracks.

When you post the duty roster, you'll learn that Donnic has been assigned to Hightown. One of the other guards in the room will see this and accuse Donnic if being Aveline's "pet," and Donnic himself won't be very happy. When you report this to Aveline, she'll be dismayed, and she'll come up with a third plan -- this time involving goats and wheat -- but you'll intercede and convince her to simply meet with Donnic in the Hanged Man tavern. When you invite Donnic to this rendezvous, he'll readily agree to go.

Note: If you tell Aveline "I'm not helping" or "Then don't try at all," then you'll gain rivalry points with her. Otherwise, you'll gain friendship points.

At the Hanged Man tavern (at night), you'll find Donnic at the bar waiting for you. When you interact with him, you'll share some drinks, but Aveline will repeatedly chicken out of joining you, and so nothing will come of the meeting. Afterwards, Aveline will reveal that she only feels comfortable on patrol, and so you'll decide that if Aveline and Donnic were to patrol together, and if you were to clear the way for them, then Aveline might finally say something.

Note: During this conversation, if you say "No excuses!" then you'll gain friendship points with Isabela and rivalry points with Aveline. If you say "Trust your friends" or "A friendly ultimatum," then you'll gain friendship points with Aveline and rivalry points with Isabela.

To clear out Aveline's patrol route, you'll need to head over to the Wounded Coast and light three signal fires (#1-3). At each fire, you'll encounter a group of enemies (mabari war hounds, raiders, or slavers), and then after each battle you'll witness Aveline attempting -- and failing at -- romantic conversation with Donnic. Eventually, after the third signal fire, you'll hint to Donnic about what's going on, and Donnic, as confused as ever, will decide to return to the barracks. Aveline will then demand that you help her clear things up.

Back in the Viscount's Keep, when you meet with Aveline in her office, Donnic will interrupt you, and then behind closed doors he and Aveline will work things out. Afterwards, when you talk to Aveline again, she'll thank you for your help. Depending on what you've said to Aveline previously (and perhaps if you're male or female), the conversation will be different, but you'll always get a chance to earn friendship or rivalry points with her. You'll also earn 1000 xp.

1 - First Signal Fire

2 - Second Signal Fire

3 - Third Signal Fire






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