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Side Quest: How to Frame a Templar

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You'll receive this quest from Mistress Selby's quest board at the Docks (during the day), but only after completing the quest Underground Railroad.


The quest board will inform you that the templar Ser Conrad Vernhart has been "brilliant and ruthless" in his pursuit of apostate mages, and that he needs to be disgraced to prevent more mages from being captured. To disgrace Vernhart, you'll need to do two things:
  • You'll need to go to the Hanged Man tavern (during the day) and convince Ser Roderick that Vernhart has done something illegal. Roderick will believe anything you tell him, and then he'll leave to report it.

  • You'll need to go to the Gallows Courtyard and plant some evidence. To do this, first pick up the delivery order (#1) and add Vernhart's name to it. Then give the order to the dockworker (#2). This will cause the dockworker to deliver some raw lyrium to Vernhart.
Once you've done these two things, when you return to Mistress Selby at the Docks, she'll reward you with 1 sovereign and 750 xp. If you then look at the quest board again, you'll find an account of what happened to Vernhart.

1 - Delivery Order

2 - Dockworker






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