Location: Orzammar Diamond Quarter

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1 - Council Writ

When you click on the writ, you'll gain or update the Quest-Related codex entry for The Key to the City. Once you've updated the codex entry five times, you'll receive the quest "The Key to the City," which will allow you to loot a cache in the Chamber of the Assembly (#6). Inside the cache you'll find the Key to the City. Completing the quest will also earn you 100 xp.

2 - Loilinar

Loilinar will show up here after you've accepted a quest from Dulin (#3) or Vartag (#6). When you approach Loilinar, you'll witness him having an argument with Oghren. Oghren will leave for Tapster's Tavern (in the Orzammar Commons), but if you talk to Loilinar, then he'll tell you more about Oghren and his wife Branka.

3 - Harrowmont's Estate

This is where you'll meet Dulin. He'll try to convince you to support Harrowmont as the next king, and he'll offer you a quest to prove your loyalty. This quest is covered in the Orzammar Commons location entry. Also in the estate you'll find a scroll in the back bedroom. Reading it will give you the Notes codex entry for A Letter for King Endrin."

4 - Lady Dace

Lady Dace is involved in the quest "A Prince's Favor: The First Task" (covered in the Orzammar Commons location).

5 - Wall Carving

If you click on the carving, then you'll receive the Culture and History codex entry for House Aeducan, Shield of Orzammar.

6 - Chamber of the Assembly

When you first enter the chamber, the assembly will be in session, but the nobles will be far more concerned about Bhelen and Harrowmont than in getting any work done, and Steward Bandelor will quickly shut them down for a recess. Watching this cut scene will complete the quest "Seek out Steward Bandelor" (gained upon entering the Hall of Heroes), but you won't get a reward for it.

The nobles of the assembly will scatter, but Steward Bandelor will remain behind. If you talk to him, then he'll give you the quests "Vartug Gavorn" and "Dulin Forender," unless you picked them up earlier (such as from the Captain of the Guard in the Orzammar Commons). You'll need to complete at least one of the two quests for the main questline.

Also in the chamber you might meet Vartug, Prince Bhelen's second-in-command. He'll try to recruit you to Bhelen's cause, but he'll insist that you prove yourself first. If you agree, then you'll receive the quest "A Prince's Favor: The First Task" (covered in the Orzammar Commons location entry).

7 - Shaper Assistant Milldrate

Milldrate will give you the quest Thief in the House of Learning.

8 - Orta

Orta will give you the quest Lost to the Memories.

9 - Books

If you examine all of the books in the Shaperate, then you'll gain the codex entries for Deep Roads, Dwarven Faith, In Praise of the Humble Nug, Legion of the Dead, Orzammar Politics, The Legion of Steel, and Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs.

10 - Shaper of Memories

The Shaper will tell you a little bit about Orzammar's history, and how the dwarven caste system came into being. The Shaper is also involved in the quests "The Chant in the Deeps" (given by Brother Burkel in the Orzammar Commons) and "A Prince's Trust: The First Task" (given by Vartag in the Orzammar Commons).

Note: If you rob the Shaper then you'll receive a Shaper's Amulet.

11 - Book of Memories

The Book of Memories is involved in the quest "The Dead Caste" (covered in the Deep Roads location entry).

12 - Wall of Memories

If you click on the Wall of Memories, then you'll gain or update the Quest-Related codex entry for The Shaper's Life." Once you've updated the codex entry four times (you'll also find updates in the Orzammar Commons and the Deep Roads), if you click on the wall again, then you'll gain the fifth and final update for the codex entry, plus 100 xp.

13 - Locked Chest

Inside the chest you'll find Gloves of Diligence and The Search for the True Prophet.

14 - Tunneling Thieves

When you reach this spot, several tunneling thieves will burst through the floor and attack you. They won't drop anything interesting when they die.

15 - Locked Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Love Letter and more. You'll need a dozen Love Letters for the quest Correspondence Interruptus.

16 - Glass Phylactery

If you attempt to pick up the phylactery, then it will break, releasing a "red" revenant. When the revenant dies, it will drop a scrap of paper, and picking it up will give you or update the Notes codex entry for The Black Vials. There are six such phylacteries in the game, but defeating all six revenants won't give you any sort of reward.

17 - Throne Room

If you enter the throne room before helping to name a new king, and if you examine the throne, then you'll receive the Quest-Related codex entry for Caged in Stone. The codex entry is actually a riddle. If you place your three companions "in position" on the spots on the floor that make a rumbling sound (#18), and then have your main character "signal the throne" by clicking on it again, then a "red" dragon will appear and attack you. When the dragon dies, it will drop the greatsword Ageless and perhaps more.

18 - Riddle Positions

19 - Locked Door

You won't be allowed past this door until you've helped Lord Harrowmont become king, or until you've gained the trust of Prince Bhelen.

20 - Vartag

After starting out in the Chamber of the Assembly (#6), Vartag will eventually move to this spot in the royal palace. He won't have much to say to you here, but if you supported Lord Harrowmont, then when you get here and talk to him, he and the nearby royal guards will attack you.

Note: If you rob Vartag, then you'll receive a Champion's Shield.

21 - Royal Bedroom

If you decide to support Prince Bhelen, then this is where you'll meet him.

22 - Letter

If you click on the letter then you'll gain the Notes codex entry for A Letter from Rica.

23 - Lady Brodens / Herbalist Widron

When you enter this chamber, you'll see Lady Brodens moaning on the bed, and Herbalist Widron standing by her side. If you ask Widron what's going on, then he'll give you the quest "Exotic Methods." He'll tell you that Lady Brodens got poisoned -- probably by a concoction meant for Harrowmont or Bhelen -- and he'll ask you to put together the antidote. Widron will then give you the Dwarven Regicide Antidote recipe (which will go into your recipe book).

To complete the recipe, you'll need 4 Elfroots, 2 Lifestones, 1 Flask, and 2 Concentrator Agents, and you'll need a character with Master Herbalism. When you craft the antidote and give it to Lady Brodens, she'll improve dramatically, and you'll receive 150 xp. Widron won't give you a reward.

Note: The ingredients are all fairly common. You can buy them all from Figor in the Orzammar Commons.

24 - Ambassador Suite

If you're working on the quest The Trial of Crows, then you'll meet Ambassador Gainley here, and he'll attack you on sight. Also in the room you'll find a book that will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Trian's Journal.

  1. Exit to the Orzammar Commons.
  2. Entrance to the Royal Palace.
  3. Entrance to the Shaperate.


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