Companion Quest: Wynne's Regret
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Once you've gained enough approval with Wynne, she'll relate to you the story of her first apprentice, an elf named Aneirin. Wynne will tell you how she was harsh and unforgiving towards him, and how he ran away from the Circle and was hunted down and killed by the templars. Wynne will then mention that the elf frequently spoke of the Dalish elves, and that he dreamed of meeting them. This conversation will trigger the quest.


You'll meet the Dalish elves in the Brecilian Outskirts. If you talk to the storyteller Sarel there, then he'll tell you that he knows of an elf named Aneirin, and that you might find him in the Brecilian Forest. "He prefers to be amidst the trees and the animals." This conversation with Sarel is optional.

When you reach the East Brecilian Forest, you'll find Aneirin there (near the mad hermit), and you'll discover that he's the same Aneirin that Wynne knew. If you have Wynne in your party, then she'll apologize to Aneirin for how she treated him, and Aneirin will forgive her -- plus agree to consider returning to the Circle Tower. You'll also receive Aneirin's Token, 125 xp, and some approval from Wynne.


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