Interested Parties Quest: Harsh Decisions
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You'll receive this quest from the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Denerim Market District, but only if you completed the quest False Witness before completing the quest Dead Drops (or at any time after completing False Witness, provided you disarmed all of the bombs in Dead Drops).


"D" will ask you to kill "K," and when you accept the quest he'll be so happy that he'll tell everyone -- including "K" -- about it. This will cause "K" to send his top lieutenant against you, and you'll encounter him the next time you travel on the Denerim map.

"K's" lieutenant will have several rogue henchmen with him, but the fight probably won't be very difficult, and the lieutenant will drop the directions to "K's" hideout when he dies. Then when you go to the hideout, you'll find "K" there with four more henchmen, but once again the fight shouldn't be difficult, and "K" won't drop anything noteworthy when he dies.

Once you've killed "K," when you return to the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern, he'll reward you with 10 sovereigns and 250 xp.

Note: Completing this quest will prevent you from completing any of "K's" quests: Negotiation Aids, Untraceable, and Dead Drops.


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