Quest: Forgotten Verses
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Inside the Ruined Temple, you'll find a set of Ancient Encrypted Scrolls with some "strange, seemingly meaningless characters" written on them. Picking up the scrolls will trigger the quest.


To learn more about the scrolls, you'll need to take them to Sister Justine in the Denerim Market District. You'll find her next to the chantry. Sister Justine will get all excited about what the scrolls might contain -- "Who knows what secrets we can uncover? What truths we can find?" -- and she'll offer to pay you for them. If you accept, then you'll receive 7 sovereigns and 50 silvers, plus 100 xp. If you demand collateral for the scrolls, then you'll receive 5 sovereigns extra. You'll never learn what was on the scrolls.


Part 1: Origins


Part 2: Ostagar


Part 3A: Circle Mages


Part 3B: Humans


Part 3C: Dalish Elves


Part 3D: Dwarves


Part 4: Landsmeet


Part 5: Blight


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