Origins: Dwarf Commoner

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Your character is a casteless dwarf living in Orzammar. You've incurred a debt to a crime lord named Beraht, and now you and your sister Rica must work it off -- you by playing the enforcer and Rica by seducing noblemen.


You'll start out in your house in Dust Town (#1), in conversation with Rica and Beraht. After complaining for a while that his "investment" isn't paying off, Beraht will order you to meet up with Leske (#2) to learn about your next job, and then he'll leave. At this point you'll have the opportunity to talk to your sister and perhaps your mother for a bit, but eventually you should head outside.

When you reach Leske, he'll tell you that your next job is a "search-and-discipline" mission to find a smuggler named Oskias. Apparently, Oskias has been doing some selling on the side, and not reporting his income to Beraht, and this hasn't made Beraht happy. At the end of the conversation Leske will start following you.

You'll find Oskias in Tapster's Tavern (#7). When you talk to him, he'll basically admit to cheating Beraht, and you'll have to make a choice -- do you kill him or allow him to disappear? Beraht won't ever know the difference, so it's up to you.

Either way, you should end up with a nugget or two of lyrium, and you'll have to decide what to do with it. If you discussed selling the lyrium with Leske while confronting Oskias, then you'll be able to sell the nuggets to Olinda (#5) for 30 silvers each. Otherwise, you won't ever be able to sell the nuggets (since they're quest objects).

When you visit Beraht in his shop (#9), he'll ask you what happened with Oskias. For the most part, he won't care if Oskias is alive or dead, but he'll care a lot about lyrium nuggets, and you'll have to be persuasive to convince him that you didn't find any. If you're not persuasive, and if you try to keep both nuggets, then he'll have his lieutenant Jarvia search your belongings, and she'll take any valuable objects you have plus half of your money. So if you're not persuasive, it's much better to hand over at least one nugget. If Beraht ends up happy with your performance, then he'll give you 10 silvers.

Beraht will then give you your next job. He'll tell you that the Warrior Caste is holding a Proving in honor of a Grey Warden who is looking for candidates for his order, and he'll want you to make sure that the "right man" wins. That is, he'll ask you to enter the Proving Grounds (Exit B) and drug the water basin of a fighter named Mainar to make sure that another fighter named Everd defeats him.

Inside the Proving Grounds, you'll discover that Everd (#12) is dead drunk and will never win any bout. Either you or Leske will then decide that you should put on Everd's equipment (found in Everd's armor chest nearby) and pretend to be him in the Proving. You can then ask Leske to drug Mainar (#13), or drug him yourself, or skip the drugging altogether. When you're ready to continue, just put on Everd's equipment and talk to the Proving Guard (#14). He'll usher you into the arena (#15).

Inside the arena, you'll have to defeat three opponents. You'll face Mainar first, and then Adalbo, and then Lenka. If you're playing a warrior then you shouldn't have too much trouble with these bouts, but if you're playing a rogue then you might need to use some Lesser Health Poultices, or run around in circles until you can use your combat talents, to get through them. After the third bout you'll be unmasked, arrested -- and then tossed into the dungeon in Beraht's hideout.

When you wake up, you'll find yourself in a cell (#16) next to Leske (#17). After learning from Leske what happened, Jarvia will show up and complain about all the damage you've done to Beraht, and then she'll let you know that you don't have long to live. "Beraht'll be by soon to make sure you maintain your silence."

That means you'll need to escape. If you can't get out of your cell yourself (by clicking on the cell door and tricking the guard), then you'll need to examine the rubble in your cell, and give the splinters from it to Leske, who will then use them to pick the lock on his cell. When you exit your cell, you'll find your belongings (minus Everd's gear) in a nearby crate.

From this point on you'll just need to battle your way out of the hideout. You'll face a lot of thugs during the trek, but usually only two or three at a time, and so they shouldn't last long against you and Leske. But be careful. Sometimes while fighting one group of thugs, you'll alert the next group of thugs, and end up fighting both. So when you encounter some thugs, the first thing you should always do is back up.

In the final room of the hideout you'll encounter Beraht with a pair of his thugs (#18). Beraht will taunt you a bit, and then he'll attack. This battle can be difficult, but if you take down the thugs first, and use Lesser Health Poultices whenever necessary, then you should be able to get through it. Beraht will drop a Dwarven Warrior's Belt when he dies.

When you return to the Ozrammar Commons (via Exit C), you'll be "greeted" by the Proving Master and several guards, who will seem far too interested in executing you. But then Duncan will intervene and claim you for the Grey Wardens, and he'll give you an Aeducan Mace. The two of you will then leave for Ostagar.

1 - Your House

2 - Leske

3 - Goilinar

Goilinar is a beggar. If you intimidate him or pay him 10 bits, then he'll tell you that he recently saw Oskias at Tapster's Tavern (#7).

4 - Kasch

Kasch will offer to buy some of your teeth, but there isn't any way to complete the transaction.

5 - Olinda

Olinda will sell you a variety of things, including poisons and traps.

6 - Ademaro

Ademaro will offer you a selection of weapons and armor.

7 - Tapster's Tavern

8 - Unna

Unna is a member of the Servant Caste. If you talk to her, then you'll gain the Culture and History codex entry for The Castes.

9 - Beraht's Shop

10 - Carving

If you click on the carving then you'll receive the Culture and History codex entry for Dwarven Faith.

11 - Duncan

Duncan is a Grey Warden. If you talk to him then you'll gain the Characters codex entry for Duncan, plus the Culture and History codex entries for The Grey Wardens, Darkspawn, and The Blights.

12 - Everd's Chamber

13 - Mainar's Chamber

14 - Proving Guard

15 - Arena

16 - Your Cell

17 - Leske's Cell

18 - Beraht

$ - Treasure Container

T - Trap

X - Blocked Passage

  1. Road between Dust Town and the Orzammar Commons.
  2. Entrance to the Proving Grounds.
  3. Exit to Beraht's shop.


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