Location: Brecilian Outskirts

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When you arrive at the Brecilian Outskirts, you'll be stopped by a Dalish patrol. They'll take you to their camp, where you'll meet their leader, Zathrian (#1). Zathrian will regretfully inform you that because of recent werewolf attacks, which have left many elves infected and unable to fight, the Dalish elves won't be able to uphold the terms of their treaty with the Grey Wardens.

Of course, Zathrian will add that if Witherfang, the leader of the werewolves, were killed, and if its heart were brought to him, then he might be able to end the affliction and spare some of his men. So to get the help of the Dalish elves, you'll have to agree to hunt for Witherfang, which can be found somewhere in the Brecilian Forest. The only hint the elves will give you is that you should look for white wolves, which serve as Witherfang's eyes and ears.

When you're ready to start your search, you should leave the camp via the eastern exit (Exit A), which will take you to the West Brecilian Forest.

1 - Zathrian and Lanaya

Zathrian is the keeper of the elves. He'll introduce you to the conflict between the elves and the werewolves. Lanaya is the camp's second in command. She'll tell you about the elves, and she'll describe how Zathrian rescued her from bandits. Your conversation with Lanaya will result in you receiving the Culture and History codex entry for Arlathan: Part One.

Behind Zathrian and Lanaya, you'll find an unlocked chest. If you try to open it before helping the elves, then Lanaya will become upset with you, and she'll threaten to tell on you to Zathrian, but nothing much will happen. Lanaya will simply stop talking to you. However, if you wait until after resolving the conflict between the elves and the werewolves, then Lanaya won't mind if you loot the chest. Inside, you'll find a Song Book, and looting it will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for In Uthenera.

Note: The Song Book is one of the items you can use when bartering with the mad hermit in the Brecilian Forest.

On the back of the aravel next to Zathrian and Lanaya, you'll find a carving marked "God of the Craft." If you click on it, then you'll gain the Magic and Religion codex entry for June: God of the Craft. Finally, if you have the mabari war hound in your party, and if you have it selected when you click on the "landmark tent" on the side of the aravel, then the hound will gain Mabari Dominance while you're in the camp.

2 - Statues

If you click on all of the statues scattered around the camp, then you'll learn the Magic and Religion codex entries for Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt, Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf, Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla, and Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper.

3 - Varathorn

Varathorn is the "craftsmaster" for the camp. He'll sell you a variety of crafting goods (including an unlimited supply of Toxin Extract, which you'll need for the quest Negotiation Aids), plus a Tome of Skill and Sundry, a Tome of the Mortal Vessel, and a Backpack.

Varathorn will also give you the quest "Rare Ironbark." He'll tell you that a strange bluish wood called Ironbark can be used to make arms and armor, and he'll agree to craft you something should you find any. You'll find some Ironbark in the fallen tree in the West Brecilian Forest. When you give it to Varathorn, he'll reward you Wolf-Killer or Varathorn's Armor. If you decline a reward, then he'll give you Varathorn's Amulet instead. If you demand both rewards, then you'll have to be persuasive to get them, or else you won't get anything.

Behind Varathorn you find a pile of scrolls and a chest. If you click on the scrolls then you'll receive the codex entries for Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets and The Long Walk. If you open chest then you'll find some basic supplies.

4 - Locked Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Love Letter, which you'll need for the quest Correspondence Interruptus.

5 - Elora

Elora is the master herder for the camp. She'll tell you about halla and aravels, and your conversation with her will give you the Culture and History codex entry for Aravels.

Elora will also give you the quest "Elora's Halla." She'll tell you that the halla next to her has become agitated since the last werewolf attack, and she'll worry that it might be infected in some way. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • If you calm the halla (which will require someone in your party to have 2 ranks in Survival), then Elora will finally be able to speak to it, and she'll learn that the halla was simply concerned for its mate. For this option you'll receive 200 xp.

  • If you pretend to examine the halla and lie to Elora, then you'll be able to convince her to kill the halla and end its suffering. Elora will then give you the halla's antlers, which you'll be able to turn in to Varathorn (#3) for a Halla Horn.
Note: The Halla Horn is one of the items that you'll be able to use in barter with the mad hermit in the Brecilian Forest.

6 - Gheyna

You'll find a young elf woman named Gheyna sitting by the fire here. She's involved in the quest "Cammen's Lament" (see #7).

7 - Campfire

You'll encounter a group of elves by the campfire. Two of them will talk to you:
  • Cammen. He'll give you the quest "Cammen's Lament." He'll tell you that he's in love with Gheyna (#6), but that she won't have anything to do with him while he's still an apprentice hunter. You'll then have three ways to complete the quest:

    • You can break up the couple, most easily by sleeping with one of them and then telling the other.

    • You can convince Gheyna that she should give Cammen a chance.

    • You can convince Cammen to accept a Werewolf Pelt (which you'll find in abundance in the Brecilian Forest), so he can prove to Gheyna that he's a real hunter.

    If you bring Cammen and Gheyna together, or if Cammen at least still likes you at the end of the quest, then you'll receive 250 xp plus the book The Tale of Iloren. If you break up the couple and Cammen figures out what you did, then you'll only receive 100 xp. Receiving the book will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for The Tale of Iloren.

    Note: The Tale of Iloren is one of the items that you can use to barter with the mad hermit in the Brecilian Forest.

  • Sarel. He'll tell you the story of the fall of the Dales (which will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The Dales), and he'll give you some information about werewolves and the Brecilian Forest. He's also involved in the quest Wynne's Regret.

8 - Athras

Athras will give you the quest "Lost to the Curse." He'll tell you that his wife Danyla was gravely wounded during the werewolf ambush, and that while Zathrian (#1) claims to have been there when she died, he won't allow Athras to see the body. Athras will then confide his suspicion that Danyla might actually be a werewolf, and he'll ask you to look for her in the Brecilian Forest.

You'll find Danyla in the East Brecilian Forest (near the northern entrance), and she'll indeed be a werewolf. However, she won't attack you. Instead, she'll give you a Scarf and ask you to deliver it to Athras and tell him that she's dead. She'll then ask you one more favor -- to end her suffering -- and if you refuse, then she'll attack you, and so she'll get her wish either way.

When you return to Athras, it won't make any difference what you tell him, and you won't actually need to give him the Scarf. As long as you give him an answer (even if you're lying), then he'll give you Athras's Pendant, and you'll also earn 100 xp. If you simply torture Athras by telling him how horrible his wife's death was, then you won't get a reward, and you'll probably lose some approval with your companions.

Finally, next to Athras you'll find some colored inks on the ground. Clicking on them will give you the Culture and History codex entry for Vallaslin: Blood Writing.

9 - Aravel

On the aravel here you'll find a carving marked "Eldest of the Sun." When you click on it, you'll receive the Magic and Religion codex entry for Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance.

10 - Mithra

Mithra is the hunter who stopped you when you first entered the outskirts. She won't have much to say to you after that initial meeting.

  1. Exit to the West Brecilian Forest.
  2. World exit.


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