Companion Quest: Flemeth's Grimoire
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Inside the Circle Tower, in a chest in First Enchanter Irving's office in the Senior Mage quarters, you'll find a Black Grimoire. When you give the grimoire to Morrigan, she'll recognize it as belonging to her mother Flemeth. This transaction will trigger the quest.


Morrigan will begin studying the grimoire immediately, but she won't talk to you about it until you've gained enough approval with her. Then the next time you visit the party camp, she'll tell you what she's learned -- that Flemeth uses her daughters as hosts to extend her life. Morrigan won't be thrilled about this as a possible fate, and she'll ask you to kill Flemeth and retrieve her true grimoire.

When you confront Flemeth at her hut (without Morrigan, who will fear that Flemeth might possess her right away), you'll have two choices:
  • You can allow Flemeth to escape. For this case, Flemeth will ask you to lie to Morrigan, and tell her that you killed Flemeth. Flemeth will then give you Flemeth's Key, and she'll welcome you to take her grimoire. "The lies are always more fun."

  • You can attack Flemeth. This will cause Flemeth to shapeshift into a dragon. Defeating dragons can be difficult. We wouldn't recommend trying it until you've reached at least level 12, and preferably after you've picked up some dragon gear like the sword Yusaris or Wade's armor. Then you'll just need to keep your characters alive while you wear Flemeth down. Spells like Force Field (to protect the character being attacked) and Stone Fist (to cause Flemeth to drop whoever she's shaking) are useful for the battle. Since Flemeth won't move, you might also want to focus on ranged attacks. When Flemeth dies, she'll drop Flemeth's Key.
That is, either way you'll end up with Flemeth's Key, which will allow you to enter Flemeth's hut and rifle through her things. Inside the hut you'll find Robes of Possession (a nice item for Morrigan) and Flemeth's Grimoire. When you give the grimoire to Morrigan, you'll receive a nice chunk of approval from her, and you'll also gain 250 xp. Morrigan won't notice if you're lying to her, and Flemeth is still alive.

Note: You won't see Flemeth again regardless of how you decide to deal with her. The only thing your decision will change is Morrigan's epilogue (which will be less happy if Flemeth survives).


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