Quest: Precious Metals
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You'll receive this quest from Rogek in Dust Town.


Rogek will have an investment opportunity for you. He'll offer to sell you some Smuggled Lyrium for 40-50 sovereigns, and he'll tell you that his contact Godwin in the Circle Tower is guaranteed to buy it -- at a net profit for you! But wait, there's more! Rogek will also offer you 20 sovereigns if you bring back Godwin's return order.

Note: If you can't afford the initial investment, then you might want to rob Rogek. You'll get 20 sovereigns from him.

Another note: If you decline the deal, then Rogek will leave and you'll never see him again. If you threaten to turn him in, then he and his two thugs will attack you. If you didn't rob Rogek, then you'll find his 20 sovereigns on his corpse.

When you reach the Circle Tower, depending on what you've done there already (if anything), you might have to fight your way to Godwin, or you might simply need to walk to Godwin, or Godwin might be dead (if you completed the main quest and sided with the templars). If Godwin is still alive, then you'll find him in the Senior Mage Quarters, either inside or near a large dresser.

Godwin will offer you 50 sovereigns for the lyrium. With enough points in coercion, you can increase that amount to 60 sovereigns, or even 65 sovereigns plus a Crow Dagger. If you ask Godwin why he needs so much lyrium, then you'll also get an opportunity to blackmail him for 8 sovereigns. Regardless, once you've completed your deal, Godwin will disappear.

When you return to Rogek in Dust Town, he'll reward you with 10-25 sovereigns, and you'll also earn 100 xp. That means it's possible to earn a total profit of about 60 sovereigns in the quest.


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