Location: Elven Alienage

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After rescuing Queen Anora from the Arl of Denerim's Estate (and perhaps after escaping from Fort Drakon), when you return to Arl Eamon's Estate, you'll have to choose a candidate to become King or Queen. You'll have two choices:
  • Anora. If you're playing a male Human Noble, then you can agree to become her prince-consort. You can also convince Alistair marry her and become king in name only. But note: if Loghain is killed at the Landsmeet, then Anora won't marry the person who kills him.

  • Alistair. If you're playing a female Human Noble, then you can agree to become his queen.
This decision won't have much of an impact on the remainder of the campaign, although you'll have an easier time winning the Landsmeet if you support Anora.

Also while you're in Arl Eamon's Estate, Anora will mention that something is going on at the Elven Alienage, and she'll suggest that you look into it. This will trigger the quest "Unrest in the Alienage," which is covered below. You'll need to complete this quest to gather more ammunition for the Landsmeet.

Finally, you should talk to Riordan in Arl Eamon's study. If you give him the Grey Warden Documents from the Arl of Denerim's Estate (or if you gave him the documents previously), then he'll tell you about the Grey Warden vault in the warehouse in the Denerim Market District. Inside the vault you'll find a Griffon's Helm, an Axe of the Grey, a High Constable's Mace, a Map of the Anderfels, and the gift version of Duncan's Shield. If you give the gift shield to Alistair, then he'll turn it into the real version of Duncan's Shield, and he'll automatically equip it.

Note: Depending on the version of the game you're playing, Riordan might only tell you about the vault if you gave him the Grey Warden Documents while you were in the Arl of Denerim's Estate. So it's always best to give him the documents right away.

Unrest in the Alienage

When you arrive at the alienage, you'll quickly discover that it is suffering from some sort of plague, and that a group of Tevinter mages has been quarantining elves in the hospice (#11) to keep the sick away from the healthy. However, when you talk to Shianni (#10), you'll discover that none of the elves sent into the hospice have ever been seen again, and that nobody can tell if the mages' spells are actually doing anything or not.

You'll then have two ways to proceed. You can gain entry into the hospice (#11) and read the note that you'll find inside, or you can explore the Run-Down Apartments and read the note in the western room (#17). Either way, you'll discover that the Tevinter mages aren't really trying to cure the plague. They're just using it as an excuse to "quarantine" the elves and sell them into slavery.

To put a stop to the operation, you'll need to travel to the Tevinter Warehouse (Exit C), which will require you to pass through the Run-Down Apartments (Exits A and B), and battle some guards in an alley (#19). When you enter the warehouse, you'll be stopped by Devera (#20). If you're persuasive or intimidating, then you can avoid a fight with her. Otherwise you'll have to battle her and the group of soldiers with her. If you kill Devera, then you'll find a Bow of the Golden Sun on her corpse.

In the back of the warehouse, you'll meet Caladrius (#21). He'll offer to sell you some Slaver Documents that will implicate Teyrn Loghain (aka the Teyrn of Gwaren) in the slavery operation, provided that you allow the slavers to leave with their profits and the slaves. You'll then have three ways to proceed:
  • You can accept the offer, perhaps negotiating a better deal. Caladrius won't give up the slaves, but you can convince him to remove the fee for the documents and leave behind the profits (worth about 12 sovereigns). Your "good" companions (like Alistair and Leliana) will disapprove of this.

  • You can fight Caladrius and then either kill him or allow him to flee. This will earn you the Slaver Documents and the slaver profits, plus free the slaves. You'll also gain some rewards when you return to the alienage: Valendrian (#7) will give you the dagger Gift of the Grey, Cyrion (#3) will give you the dagger Fang (if you're playing a City Elf), and Alarith (#12) will open up his shop (if it wasn't open before). Plus, if you kill Caladrius, then you'll find Robes of the Magister Lords on his corpse.

  • You can fight Caladrius, but then when he surrenders, accept his offer to augment your physical health by draining the life force of the remaining slaves. This will boost your constitution by +1, and you'll also receive the Slaver Documents and the slaver profits, but the slaves will die and Caladrius will get away.
Regardless of your choice, you'll end up with the Slaver Documents, which will prove that Loghain was working with the Tevinter slavers. When you bring this information to Arl Eamon (in his study in Arl Eamon's Estate), he'll decide that it's finally time to start the Landsmeet in the Royal Palace.

But note: The Landsmeet will thrust you towards the end of the campaign, so you might want to complete any remaining side quests first.

1 - Hooded Courier

The courier is involved in the quest Grease the Wheels.

2 - Varel Baern

Varel is involved in the quest Scraping the Barrel.

3 - Cyrion's House

If you rescued Soris from the Arl of Denerim's Estate, then this is where you'll find him.

4 - Starved Veteran

If you give the veteran some money, then each time you pass by this spot, more and more beggars will show up, hoping for a handout. The dialogue during these encounters is amusing, but nothing will happen if you give the beggars money, and eventually they'll stop asking. "Huzzah for the hero of the Denerim!"

5 - Orphanage

The orphanage is involved in the quest "Something Wicked" (see #13).

6 - Deranged Beggar

The beggar is involved in the quest "Hearing Voices" (see #13).

7 - Valendrian's House

If you can pick the lock on the front door, then inside you'll find three chests containing some random loot.

8 - Andraste's Grace

You can pick the flower Andraste's Grace here. It's a good gift for Leliana.

9 - Alienage Tree

Clicking on the alienage tree will give you the Culture and History codex entry for Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People. The tree is also a landmark for your mabari war hound, and it's involved in the quest Places of Power.

10 - Shianni

Shianni will act as the spokesperson for the elves. She'll also give you some background information on the plague.

11 - Hospice

By the front door to the hospice (#11), you'll meet the healers Saritor and Veras, plus a trio of guards. By the back door to the hospice (#11a), you'll meet a lone elven guard. None of these people will have much to say to you, and none of them will want you to enter the hospice.

To get inside, you'll have a few options:
  • If you're playing a City Elf, then you can pretend to be sick, and the healers will take you (alone) inside.

  • You can anger the guards out front, who will then attack you.

  • You can kill or bribe the elven guard, and then enter through the back door.
Inside the hospice, after defeating a handful of guards, you'll find a pile of coins (worth over 2 sovereigns), and you'll discover a group elves locked in the back room. As far as we can tell, rescuing the elves won't really affect anything. Also, if you haven't yet picked up the note and key from the Run-Down Apartments (#17), then you'll find them here. The note will mention a shipment of elves. The key will unlock a door in the apartments (#18).

Note: After entering the hospice, if you didn't kill the guards and healers out front when you went in, then they'll turn hostile when you exit. Healer Saritor will drop a Lesser Tevinter Robe when he dies, and Healer Veras will drop a Tevinter Enchanter's Robe.

12 - Alarith's Store

You'll be able to buy a Current Map of Ferelden, a Tome of Skill and Sundry, and more from Alarith. If you're a City Elf then he'll sell to you right away. Otherwise, he'll only sell to you if you stop the slavery operation and rescue the slaves.

13 - Ser Otto

Ser Otto will give you the quest "Something Wicked." He'll tell you that he senses "something sinister" at work in the alienage, and he'll ask you to keep your eyes open. If you then travel to the orphanage (#5), you'll notice a pool of blood and a dead dog beside the entrance. After examining these two things, when you return to Ser Otto, he'll decide that the orphanage must be the source of the problem, and he'll leave to investigate it.

When you return to the orphanage you'll find that you can now enter it, and when you go inside, you'll find Ser Otto there, and he'll begin following you. Then as you explore the orphanage with Ser Otto, you'll witness some strange things, and you'll be attacked by an assortment of ghosts and spirits.

About halfway through the orphanage, you'll encounter a "yellow" demon. It will summon some lesser shades to assist it, but the battle should not be difficult. Afterwards, Ser Otto will realize that "something still isn't right," and he'll encourage you to continue exploring.

At the back of the orphanage, you'll encounter another "yellow" demon, which again shouldn't prove difficult to kill. However, when it dies, a "red" demon will show up, and it will kill Ser Otto and then turn on you. The "red" demon is tougher than the "yellow" demons, and it will summon some lesser rage demons to assist it, but you should be able to beat down the demon and its helpers fairly quickly. When the "red" demon dies, you'll complete the quest "Something Wicked" and earn 500 xp.

Finally, inside a locked chest in the final room of the orphanage, you'll find a Knight-Commander's Shield, a Worn Amulet, and 3 sovereigns. Picking up the amulet will trigger the quest "Hearing Voices," which will net you 125 xp when you deliver the amulet to the deranged beggar outside (#6).

14 - Amethyne

You'll meet an elven girl named Amethyne here. Despite her name appearing in yellow, she's not involved in any quests.

Note: If you're playing a Human Noble, then you might recognize Amethyne as Iona's daughter. However, you'll never be able to start a conversation with her, or tell her the fate of her mother.

15 - Elf

If you're persuasive or intimidating, then the elf here will reveal that he's seen groups of elves being led through the apartments "all tied together like pack mules."

16 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Veal Bone, a Free Sailor Sextant, and more. You'll need the sextant for the quest Fazzil's Request.

17 - Tevinter Guards

When you enter this room, you'll be attacked by a group of Tevinter guards. If you didn't pick up the note and key from the hospice (#11), then you'll find them here. You'll also find a pile of books on the floor, and clicking on it will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The City Elves.

18 - Locked Door

You'll find the key to this door attached to a note (at #11 or #17). You can also pick the lock on the door.

19 - Alley

You'll run into half a dozen Tevinter soldiers here. Regardless of what you say to them, they'll attack you.

20 - Devera

If you kill Devera, then she'll drop a Bow of the Golden Sun when she dies. Picking up the bow will give you the Items codex entry for The Bow of the Golden Sun.

21 - Caladrius

If you kill Caladrius, then he'll drop Robes of the Magister Lords and more when he dies.

  1. Entrance to the Run-Down Apartments.
  2. Exit from the Run-Down Apartments.
  3. Entrance to the Tevinter Warehouse.
  4. Exit from the Tevinter Warehouse.
  5. World exit (Denerim).


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