Companion Quest: Oghren's Old Flame
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Once you've gained enough approval with Oghren, he'll confide in you that he had an affair with a "fiery" dwarf named Felsi while Branka was in the Deep Roads, and that Felsi is now living on the surface. If you're persuasive, then Oghren will also mention that the affair didn't end well. But either way, Oghren will ask you to take the time to visit her.


You'll find Felsi in the Spoiled Princess tavern at the Lake Calenhad Docks. When you talk to her, she'll seem a little bit skeptical about Oghren, but if you help him out (by propping him up and whispering advice), then she'll come around, and Oghren will promise to return later.

"Are you sure you're not a baker? 'Cause you've got a sodding nice pair of buns."

If the wooing goes well, then you'll gain 250 xp at the end of the encounter. Otherwise, you won't receive anything.


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