Companion Quests: Alistair's Family
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Once you've gained enough approval with Alistair, he'll reveal that he has a half-sister named Goldanna living in the Denerim Market District, and he'll ask if he can visit her the next time you're in the area. This conversation will trigger the quest.


You'll find Goldanna's house in the middle of the Denerin Market District, next to Wade's Emporium. Inside, Goldanna won't react the way Alistair had hoped. She'll blame Alistair for their mother's death, and she won't care about his intentions. "I got five mouths to feed, and unless you can help with that, I got less than no use for you." If you want to, you can pay Goldanna 15 sovereigns, but this won't really change anything, and so you're better off hanging onto your money. Regardless of what you say to her, you'll end up back in the street after the conversation.

When you exit Goldanna's house, you'll complete the quest and earn 250 xp. You'll then start up a conversation with Alistair, during which you'll be able to tell him that "everyone is out for themselves." If you then confirm this sentiment the next time that you talk to him, then you'll change Alistair's world view slightly, and he'll become more receptive to evil and greedy deeds.


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