Mages' Collective Quest: Blood of Warning
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You'll receive this quest from the Mages' Collective bag in the Denerim Market District.


For this quest you'll need to warn four relatives of blood mages that they're about to be raided by the Chantry. To deliver the warning, you'll just need to mark the front doors of their houses. You'll find the houses in the following places:
  • Denerim Market District. You'll find two doors in this area, one on the western side near the entrance, and the other to the west of the market stalls.
  • Denerim (Dark Alley). You'll find the door on the eastern side.
  • Denerim (Dirty Back Alley). You'll find the door on the western side.
For each door, you'll just need to click on it to mark it. Then once you've marked all four doors, when you return to any Mages' Collective liaison (in Redcliffe, the Denerim Market District, or the Lake Calenhad Docks), you'll receive 1 sovereign and 175 xp.


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Part 2: Ostagar


Part 3A: Circle Mages


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Part 3C: Dalish Elves


Part 3D: Dwarves


Part 4: Landsmeet


Part 5: Blight


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