Location: Redcliffe (Blight)

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After completing the Landsmeet, when you travel to Redcliffe, you'll find it overrun with darkspawn. From this point on, all "white" darkspawn enemies will only have about 10 hit points each, and so you should able to kill them with one hit. That means once battles start out, you should spread your party out and only focus on "yellow" or "red" enemies.

You'll find a few battles in Redcliffe (such as at #1 and #2), but all you'll need to do is fight your way into the castle and meet with Riordan and Arl Eamon in the Main Hall (#3). They'll inform you that the bulk of the darkspawn army is headed for Denerim, and that the archdemon is now leading them. You'll then decide to take your army and march for Denerim in the morning.

After the conversation, when you head upstairs, you'll find Riordan in his room (#6). When you talk to him, you'll discover that Duncan neglected to tell you a couple of things about archdemons -- that they must be killed by a Grey Warden, and that the Grey Warden who lands the killing blow will absorb the archdemon's essence and also die. Fortunately, Riordan, being the eldest remaining Grey Warden, will volunteer for the job.

When you head to your room (#7), you'll be met by Morrigan. She'll offer you "the loop in your hole." Morrigan will tell you that if you or Alistair were to sleep with her, then you'd conceive a child bearing the taint, and then when the archdemon dies, its essence would seek out the child instead of a Grey Warden, and so no Grey Warden would need to be sacrificed. Of course, this plan would give Morrigan a powerful child that she would probably then possess, and so the positive isn't without a negative.

You'll have two ways to respond to Morrigan's offer:
  • You can agree with it, and then sleep with Morrigan yourself (if you're male) or convince Alistair (#5) to do it.

  • You can decline it. Morrigan will call you a fool and leave your room, and she'll no longer be available as a companion.
Either way, once the encounter with Morrigan has ended, you'll move on to the next day, and you'll arrive in Denerim to find the city under siege from the darkspawn.

1 - Town Square Battle

At this spot you'll face two "yellow" ogres and a "yellow" genlock emissary.

2 - Castle Courtyard Battle

During this battle you'll have to fight two "yellow" hurlock emissaries and a "yellow" hurlock alpha, and eventually a "red" ogre alpha.

3 - Main Hall

There is where you'll find Arl Eamon.

4 - Landing

This is where you'll find most of your companions, plus Sandal and Bodahn Feddic. Bodahn will have some new items for sale, including a Tome of Physical Technique.

5 - Alistair's Room

This is where you'll find Alistair. You'll also find a locked chest containing a Map of Occupied Ferelden and more.

6 - Riordan's Room

This is where you'll find Riordan.

7 - Your Room

  1. Path between Redcliffe and the Castle Courtyard.
  2. Stairs between the Main Level and the Upper Level of Redcliffe Castle.
  3. World exit.


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