Mages' Collective Quests: Defending the Collective / Defying the Collective
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You can receive the quest "Defending the Collective" from the Mages' Collective bag in Redcliffe or the Denerim Market District, but only after you've completed all of the other Collective quests, and only if you chose to complete A Gift of Silence rather than Justice Must Be Served. If you pick up the quest "Defending the Collective," then you'll also receive the quest "Defying the Collective."


As with A Gift of Silence and Justice Must Be Served, "Defending the Collective" and "Defying the Collective" will give you a way to help or hurt the Collective. For "Defending the Collective," you'll be asked to deliver a Bundled Testimony (containing a list of blood mage names) to Knight-Commander Harrith in Redcliffe, who will sweep the information under the carpet. For "Defying the Collective," you'll be asked to deliver the Bundled Testimony to Knight-Commander Tavish in the Denerim Market District, who will put the information to use. You'll only be able to complete one of the two quests.

Regardless of who you give the information to, you won't receive any more quests from the Mages' Collective. But if you complete "Defending the Collective," then you'll receive 2 sovereigns and 175 xp, while if you complete "Defying the Collective," then you'll only receive 175 xp.


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