Location: Redcliffe

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Note: If you arrive in Redcliffe with Alistair, then he'll reveal that he's an illegitimate son of King Maric, which means that he's a possible heir to the throne.

You'll need to visit Redcliffe to recruit Arl Eamon and his human soldiers to your cause. You should already have learned in Lothering that Eamon is ill, but when you arrive in Redcliffe you'll find out from Tomas (#1) and Bann Teagan (#2) that the village has other problems as well -- undead creatures have been attacking each night, and nobody has heard anything from the castle in days.

Teagan will then try to convince you to help defend the village. You'll have two options for how to respond:
  • You can leave the villagers to their fate. To do this, you'll just need to leave the village before triggering the battle (regardless of whether you said you'd help or not). The undead will then storm out of the castle and kill everybody except for Teagan, who you'll find unconscious in the chantry (#2) when you eventually return. After tending to Teagan's wounds, he'll ask you meet him by the mill (#14).

  • You can help the villagers. Teagan will direct you to meet with Murdock (#3) and Ser Perth (#13), who have been organizing the village's defenses. They'll give you some minor tasks to complete, and you'll find some other possible defenses as you explore the village:

    • Berwick. You'll find him in the tavern (#4). After learning that he was paid to spy on the castle, you'll be able to force him to help with the village's defenses.

    • Dwyn. You'll find him in his house (#8). If you're intimidating or open to bribery, then you'll be able to convince him to help defend the village.

    • Lamp Oil. You'll find some lamp oil in the general store (#7). If you tell Ser Perth (#13) about it, then he'll use it in the village's defenses.

    • Lloyd. You'll find him in the tavern (#4). He won't want anything to do with the battle, but you can intimidate him into helping out.

    • Owen. You'll find him locked in the blacksmithy (#5). If you agree to look for his daughter in the castle, then he'll agree to repair the equipment of the militia. You can also kill Owen and bring his Bundle of Equipment (hidden under a trapdoor in the smithy) to Murdock (#3). Either option will improve the gear of the militia.

    • Revered Mother Hannah. Ser Perth (#13) will ask you to visit Hannah in the chantry (#2) to see if she can provide the knights with holy protection. Hannah will tell you that she can't, but if you're persuasive or intimidating, then she'll give you some holy symbols and allow you to mislead the knights. Leliana will disapprove of this deception.

    Each defense you add will make the battle against the undead a little bit easier, but none of the tasks are required, and you should be able to drive off the undead no matter what. When you're ready to start the battle, just talk to Ser Perth (#13).

    The battle will proceed in two parts. In the first part, you'll be with Ser Perth and his knights (and perhaps Dwyn, Berwick, and the flaming oil). In the second part, you'll be with Murdock and the village militia (and perhaps Lloyd). In total you'll have to kill over 50 undead creatures, but they'll usually only attack a few at a time, and they'll usually be "white" enemies, and so the battles shouldn't be overly tough.

    Note: All of the soldiers in the militia part of the battle will drop full suits of studded leather armor when they die. So you might want to let a few of them die "by accident." You can make 5-10 sovereigns by selling their gear.

    Another Note: If you manage to keep everyone (including NPCs) alive during the battle, then Bann Teagan will award you the Helm of the Red during the ceremony the next morning.

    After the battle, the villagers will mourn their dead, and Bann Teagan will come up to you. He'll tell you that since Redcliffe now seems to be secure, he'd like to investigate the castle, and he'll ask you to meet him by the mill (#14).
That is, no matter how you decide to handle the battle against the undead, afterwards you'll need to meet with Bann Teagan by the mill (#14). When you get there, he'll tell you that there's a secret passage in the mill, but before he can reveal any more of his plan, Arlessa Isolde will come running down from Redcliffe Castle, and she'll insist that Teagan return with her alone. During the ensuing conversation, Isolde will mention a mage and a "terrible evil," and Teagan will reluctantly agree to go with her. But before he leaves, Teagan will give you his Signet Ring, which will allow you to use the secret passage and enter the castle.

1 - Tomas' Post

2 - Chantry

You'll meet a few people of interest inside the chantry:
  • Bann Teagan. He's involved in the main questline.

  • Irenia. She's involved in the quest Notices of Death.

  • Jetta. She's involved in the quest "Last Will and Testament" from the Korcari Wilds. You'll be able to tell her that her husband and son are dead.

  • Kaitlyn. She'll give you the quest "The Missing Child." She'll tell you that her little brother Bevin has gone missing, and that he might have run off to look for their mother, who was dragged off by the creatures in the castle.

    You'll find Bevin in Kaitlyn's house (#6). He'll be hiding in the closet in the downstairs bedroom, and you'll spot him when you approach. Bevin will reveal that he came to the house to retrieve his grandfather's sword. If you're at all persuasive or intimidating, then you'll be able to convince Bevin to give you the key to the locked chest on the second floor, where you'll find the sword in question, The Green Blade.

    When you return to Kaitlyn, she'll thank you for your help, and you'll receive 100 xp. If you took the sword from her house, then you'll be able to offer her some money for it. The amount won't make much of a difference as far as the campaign is concerned, but some companions (like Sten) will be unhappy if you pay too little, and others (like Morrigan) will be unhappy if you pay too much. If you pay Kaitlyn 5 sovereigns, then you'll see an epilogue entry for her, and you'll learn that she ended up marrying Bann Teagan.

  • Revered Mother Hannah. She'll give you the Maker's blessing, but as far as we can tell, the blessing won't actually help you.
You'll also find a few codex entries in the chantry: Demonic Possession (from a bookcase near Irenia), The Commandments of the Maker (from a book near Hannah), The Founding of the Chantry (from a pile of books near Hannah), and Thedas Calendar (from a book near Jetta).

After rescuing the village (and after also leaving and then returning to the Redcliffe map), the Chantry and the Blackstone Irregulars will set up shop in front of the building. The chanter's board will include the quests Brothers and Sons, Caravan Down, Desperate Haven, and Skin Deep. The Irregulars will give you the quest Grease the Wheels.

3 - Town Square

This is where you'll meet Murdock, the village's mayor.

4 - Tavern

You'll meet three people of importance inside the tavern:
  • Bella. If you rescue the village, then you'll be able to claim a kiss from Bella (much to Leliana's disapproval), and you'll be able to pay her some money to make a new start. As far as we can tell, what you pay or don't pay Bella won't have any influence on the game. At most you'll see an entry for her in the epilogue (if you pay her five sovereigns, then she'll open a tavern in Denerim).

  • Berwick. With little prompting, Berwick will admit that he was hired by one of Arl Rendon Howe's men to spy on the castle, and he'll hand over a letter to prove it. This will give you the Notes codex entry for Berwick's Letter. You'll then be able to let Berwick go on his way, force him to help defend the village, or kill him. If you choose the latter, then you'll gain approval from Sten.

  • Lloyd. He's the innkeeper and a coward. If you intimidate him into helping with the village's defenses, then he'll leave the inn and Bella will take over. Bella will then "sell" you Lloyd's stock for free, so it's always a good idea to motivate Lloyd into action. Intimidating Lloyd will also gain you approval with Sten. Finally, if you convince Lloyd to help in the battle, and if he somehow survives, then he'll give you Lloyd's Magic Ring when you talk to him afterwards.
You'll also find some graffiti in the tavern. Clicking on it will give you the Notes codex entry for Graffiti in Redcliffe's Tavern.

5 - Blacksmithy

You'll meet Owen the blacksmith here. He'll be more interested in drinking than in talking to you, but if you agree to look for his daughter Valena in Redcliffe Castle, then he'll volunteer to re-open his shop and repair the equipment of the militia. Agreeing to look for Valena will also trigger the quest "Lost in the Castle," which will net you 250 xp and Shielded Dwarven Armor (or just 100 xp if you refuse the reward) once you've completed the good deed. You'll find Valena alive and well in the main level of the castle.

Under a crate in the smithy you'll also find a hidden trapdoor. If you're on good terms with Owen, then he'll give you the key to it, and inside you'll find a collection of basic weapons and armor. If you're not on good terms with Owen, then you'll have to kill him to open the trapdoor, and inside you'll find a Bundle of Equipment. If you deliver the bundle to Murdock (#3), then the militia will improve their gear (just as if Owen had repaired it), but taking this route will cost you a quest and some loot, and so it's not recommended.

6 - Kaitlyn's House

If you're working on the quest "The Missing Child" (see #2), then you'll meet Bevin in the house (in the first floor bedroom). He'll give you the key to the chest on the second floor, inside of which you'll find The Green Blade. Also in the house you can pick up the codex entries for The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter 1 (from a book on the first floor) and Cautionary Tales for the Adventurous (from a bookcase on the second floor).

7 - General Store

Inside the store you'll find a few barrels of fish oil. If you tell Ser Perth (#13) about them, then he'll use them in the village's defenses. You'll also find a note on the floor in the store. Reading it will give you the Notes codex entry for "A Tattered Shopping List."

8 - Dwyn's House

You'll meet Dwyn and his two bodyguards inside. If you're intimidating, or if you feel like spending 50-100 silvers, then you'll be able to convince Dwyn to help defend the village. You can also kill Dwyn and loot Dwyn's Sword from his corpse.

9 - Mages' Collective Liaison

The Mages' Collective liaison will only appear here if you defend the village against the undead attacks. From the collective's bag you'll be able to pick up the quests A Gift of Silence, Careless Accusations, Herbal Magic, and The Scrolls of Banastor.

10 - House

You'll meet Dernal Garrison here. He's involved in the quest Scraping the Barrel. Inside the house you'll also find a bookshelf that will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Ballad of Ayesleigh.

11 - Andraste's Grace

You'll find the flower Andraste's Grace here. It's a good gift for Leliana.

12 - Landmark Tree

If your mabari war hound examines the tree, then he'll gain Mabari Dominance while he's in Redcliffe.

13 - Ser Perth

14 - Windmill

You'll find a Love Letter in a crate in the windmill. You'll need to collect Love Letters for the quest Correspondence Interruptus. After the battle with the undead, you'll also be able to use a secret passage in the windmill to reach Redcliffe Castle. Finally, if you defeated the undead in the battle, then Knight-Commander Harrith will appear outside the windmill. He's involved in the quest A Gift of Silence.

  1. Gate to Redcliffe Castle.
  2. World exit.


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