Mages' Collective Quest: Thy Brother's Killer

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You'll receive this quest from the Mages' Collective bag at the Lake Calenhad Docks.


For this quest you'll need to eliminate "a band of devilish maleficarum" who are operating too close to the sanctum of a mage named Jubasto. You'll find the rogue mages in the East Brecilian Forest (#1). The mages won't appear right away when you enter the forest; you'll need to kill the ogres in the vicinity first, and then exit and re-enter the map.

When you talk to the mages, they won't be happy to see you, and they'll attack. The mages will cast all sorts of nasty hexes and damaging spells on you, but they won't be able to withstand much in the way of damage, and so the fight shouldn't last long, one way or the other. Try to keep your characters spread out, to prevent them all from getting hit with a Cone of Cold or other area-effect spells.

Once you've defeated the mages, you'll find Black Hand Gauntlets and more on their corpses. Then when you return to any of the Mages' Collective liaisons (in Redcliffe, the Denerim Market District, or the Lake Calenhad Docks), you'll receive 2 sovereigns and 175 xp.

1 - Maleficarum


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