Location: The Village of Haven

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The Village of Haven will only show up on your world map after you've dealt with Weylon in the Denerim Market District, and learned that Haven was the planned next stop for Brother Genitivi in his search for the Urn of Sacred Ashes. When you arrive at the village, you'll find it sparsely populated, and nobody will claim to know anything about the Urn or Brother Genitivi.

Eventually, one of two things will happen. You'll either barge into the back room of the shop and discover a dead knight (#8), or you'll enter the chantry and disturb a religious ceremony (#9). Either way, the village will turn against you, and you'll end up battling lots of cultists. The cultists won't have much in the way of arms or armor, so killing them shouldn't be difficult. Revered Father Eirik (#9) will drop a Cultist Medallion when he dies.

After the fighting, when you explore the chantry, you'll discover Brother Genitivi in one of the back rooms (#12). He'll be in bad shape, but he'll tell you that the Urn is located in a Ruined Temple located higher up in the mountain, and that you'll need to use Eirik's medallion to get inside. He'll then ask to go with you to the temple, but you can refuse him or not, and not much will change. At the end of the conversation, you'll automatically travel to the temple.

Note: Sten won't care for this side trip to Haven. If your approval with him is high, then he'll simply voice his displeasure. If your approval is low, then you might need to fight him to keep him in line.

1 - Guard

The guard won't exactly welcome you to the village, but he will give you some background information, including that the village is run by Revered Father Eirik (#9).

2 - Villager House

You'll find a couple of locked chests inside the house, including one with a Love Letter. You'll need Love Letters for the quest Correspondence Interruptus.

3 - Creepy Child

As you approach the child, you'll hear him reciting a disturbing poem about "bonny Lynne." Then if you talk to him, he might show you a finger bone. None of this will lead anywhere.

4 - Book

On the ground here you'll find a book that will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Death of a Templar.

5 - Book

On the ground here you'll find a book that will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The Avvars.

6 - Locked Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Mage's Eye, Antivan Leather Boots, a Locket, and more.

7 - Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper will sell you a modest selection of items. If you attempt to enter the back room of the shop, then the shopkeeper will try to block you, and if you press the matter then he'll attack you. If the shopkeeper attacks you, then the entire village will turn against you.

8 - Dead Knight

From examining the corpse, you'll realize that it was one of Arl Eamon's knights.

9 - Revered Father Eirik

No matter what you say to Revered Father Eirik, the encounter will turn into a fight, and the entire village will turn against you. Eirik will drop a Cultist Medallion when he dies.

10 - Inscribed Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Ring of Faith and a Small Silver Bar.

11 - Fake Brick Wall

12 - Brother Genitivi

  1. Entrance to the Village Store.
  2. Entrance to the Haven Chantry.
  3. World exit.


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