Interested Parties Quest: Negotiation Aids
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You'll receive this quest from the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Denerim Market District.


For this quest you'll need to collect 15 samples of Toxin Extract for "K." Other than the giant spiders in Lothering, Toxin Extract does not appear to be a regular drop from any enemy in the game, and so you'll have to buy what you need. The best source for Toxin Extract is Varathorn in the Brecilian Outskirts. He'll sell you an unlimited supply for 1 silver, 20 bits each, meaning that you'll be able to buy all 15 from him for 18 silvers total.

After you've acquired the required amount of Toxin Extract, when you deliver it to the bartender in the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Denerim Market District, he'll reward you with 95 silvers (but no xp).


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