Mages' Collective Quest: Notice of Termination
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You'll receive this quest from the Mages' Collective bag at the Lake Calenhad Docks.


When you accept the quest, you'll receive three Notices of Termination, and you'll just need to deliver them to the three apprentices of the mage Terraster:
You won't have to do anything special when you talk to the apprentices. You'll just need to hand over a Notice of Termination, and they'll depart peacefully. Then once you've delivered the bad news to all three apprentices, when you return to any of the Mages' Collective liaisons (in Redcliffe, the Denerim Market District, or the Lake Calenhad Docks), you'll receive 1 sovereign and 175 xp.

Note: Receiving the Notices of Termination at the start of the quest will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Letter of Termination.


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