Location: Frostback Mountain Pass

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In order to gain an alliance with the dwarves, you'll need to visit them in Orzammar. But to reach Orzammar, you'll have to make your way through this pass. You'll meet a few people while in the pass, but all of their quests are optional.

1 - Bounty Hunters

You'll encounter a group of bounty hunters here. They'll turn hostile when you get close enough.

2 - Starrick the Apprentice

Starrick is involved in the quest Notice of Termination.

3 - Ahren

Ahren is a merchant, but he won't sell you anything, and he's not involved in any quests.

4 - Tornas the Deserter

Tornas is involved in the quest Dereliction of Duty. He'll drop the ring Frostshear when you kill him.

5 - Faryn

Faryn will sell you a variety of "previously-owned" equipment, including Knight Commander's Plate, a Grandmaster Silverite Rune, a Remarkable Topaz (a good gift for Shale), and a Portrait of a Goosegirl (a good gift for Sten). Faryn is also involved in the quest The Sword of the Beresaad.

6 - Imrek

As you approach the gate (Exit A), you'll witness a messenger named Imrek trying and failing to talk his way into the city. When you reach the gate yourself, you'll have better luck, and you'll be allowed inside. However, Imrek will be outraged that a "stain on the honor of Ferelden" is getting better treatment than he is, and he'll demand satisfaction. If you want to, you can intimidate Imrek into leaving. Otherwise, you'll have to take down Imrek and his two bodyguards. None of the trio will drop anything of note.

  1. Entrance to the Orzammar Commons. When you go through the entrance, you'll receive the quest "Seek out Steward Bandelor," but you won't receive a reward when you complete it (by talking to Bandelor in the Chamber of the Assembly in the Orzammar Diamond Quarter).
  2. World exit.


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