Location: The Darkspawn Invasion

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You'll have two goals in the Darkspawn Invasion: to meet up with the spirit templar (#6) to learn spirit form, and to defeat Uthkiel the Crusher (#9). Uthkiel is a big melee boss. It's a good idea to whack him with as many ranged attacks as possible before he gets close to you, or else he'll probably keep knocking you down, making it difficult to counter-attack. Killing Uthkiel will unlock this part of the Fade.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Essence of Cunning

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your cunning attribute.

3 - Massive Doors

You'll need to switch into golem form to break open these doors.

4 - Font of Strength

Clicking on the font will permanently add +1 to your strength attribute.

5 - Flames

You'll need to be in burning man form to pass through these flames.

6 - Templar Spirit

The templar spirit will be under attack by a handful of darkspawn when you arrive. The templar is tough, so go ahead and use area-effect attacks, even if the templar is in the way. After the battle, the templar will teach you spirit form.

7 - Essence of Willpower

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your willpower attribute. You'll need to be in spirit form to use the essence.

8 - Darkspawn Emissary

9 - Uthkiel the Crusher

  1. Mouse hole.
  2. Mouse hole.
  3. Mouse hole.
  4. Mouse hole.
  5. Mouse hole.
  6. World exit (fade pedestal).


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