Location: The Burning Tower

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You'll have two goals in the Burning Tower: to meet up with the dreaming templar (#7) to learn the burning man form, and to defeat Rhagos (#8). Rhagos is a fire demon, so if you attack him using the burning man form, then you should be able to defeat him pretty easily. Killing Rhagos will unlock this part of the Fade.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Essence of Cunning

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your cunning attribute.

3 - Massive Doors

You'll need to be in golem form to break open these doors.

4 - Essence of Magic

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your magic attribute.

5 - Flames

You'll need to be in burning man form to pass through these flames.

6 - Essences

In this room you'll find an essence of cunning and an essence of constitution. Clicking on the essences will permanently add +1 to your cunning and constitution attributes.

7 - Templar Dreamer

A templar dreamer and a burning demon will attack you when you enter the room. After defeating the templar, he'll teach you the burning man form.

8 - Rhagos

9 - Font of Strength

Clicking on the font will permanently add +1 to your strength attribute.

  1. Mouse hole.
  2. Mouse hole.
  3. Stairs.
  4. Mouse hole.
  5. Spirit door.
  6. World exit (fade pedestal).


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